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DeAngelo Hall on Cowboys game: 'We got a lot to play for'



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  2. Peyton Manning0:18
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  4. Washington0:02, 1:12
Tue, 8 Oct 2013|

Machine Generated Transcript

CSN Washington dot com. Watching it it. Get him but if anything -- yeah but it didn't look good Mays. You noted that the -- -- I think it was you know who would be often that people would you know Peyton Manning with those guys and won't play. You know dallas' Tony Romo never cease to amaze so you know they came out is set off kind of records -- meant it made a lot of plays and you know there was no way did you know that last second unit and kind of cost in the game will be played it again. Crazies that when there you definitely happy that his dad. -- -- -- Hum brokerage you know in his league were talking weather last year in this league you don't get those opportunities so. You know for us to be best for that opportunity did you notice now I have played good football at all -- still have a chance that you'll be talking about when and had a reasonable you know being happy game one game out of you know we had a lot of play for you know we have a lot of things for you know we got a you -- Tennessee's opportunities Sunday night so. -- we know we can you know put your best foot forward and go out and played awfully good football. CSN Washington dot com.

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