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  4. Taco Bell9:03
  5. Big Three1:16, 1:18
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Tue, 8 Oct 2013|

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CSN Washington dot com I'm Jason also known as the lord pop. Abilities doctor. I'm trying to make it back to a course he. It was a logical thought I was good night starting off. I'm John -- I imagine I. I'm more along the way we. Of their career and now but it junk and even after all these years he's only to. From Comcast sports net this is to whom. Presented by -- mets' camp in DC muttering yeah. From the US national soccer team card table at the home restaurant. Cheers as everyone yeah. And I guess that's generous for ran back pain how I am I and her -- again there are forced studs like -- -- -- -- that that -- So I'm thinking if you're talking about current women's soccer Ali Krieger. At we want back in -- -- that's the Big Three right. That's the Big Three there's nobody here in history here I'm insane -- and came back and he's been forced to go on the mount Rushmore women's soccer righty they walk. By increasing even immunized I think your I think you trounced the gold he's a musical and I Hope Solo. I'll show you lose okay hold slowly anymore I didn't fight til -- husband she's crazy Hope Solo. -- -- Yeah that would be you know so you have to share and it's a lot. This is going to push you on Dancing With The Stars she relaxes us -- -- and of our house. But I knew -- -- -- you know I'm still waiting eyes and I'd rather be on amazing race -- on them unlike Zambrano and should be in the some sort of dance craze. What's it called 'cause I'm saying yeah yeah that Carolina and I -- and that's one of us and this hill also I'm. She's from nine Virginia early draft together and she's awesome -- -- reds. And seeing -- -- can't I can't see -- Disney's hit confidence and it's kind of leg underground. Hip hop. -- sitting in China and I have. Is it isn't -- not because is it like -- doesn't like one of these fans exercise pretty -- And it's like it's hip hop music on and ends and it's awesome it was an amazing answer that -- Hey I'm very long is that he's also good workers so. Yeah good and those -- is big into the Humpty dance for the -- the game. How did crazy yeah yeah they have. Yeah probably not ever heard of the Humpty -- nine accident debut generation gap. Parents are often does that mean as well 'cause it's even nicer name. On big like typical Bristol didn't -- yeah. Or brother and a respectively on Tuesday and anger -- bathroom he's like having dinner with four dad's. Honestly I. Tonight and that there's any worse than he usually super fit he actually in the World Cup and you're in the middle of this class at the moment that. Strange yeah. -- -- I'll be taken dance and I am I glad I'm on my cash has a brilliant match that I've never seen an Ali -- in the middle of those classics -- and pentagon was really nice time. American -- come and I can't. Think gonna pass. I don't they got -- and as tough as it was -- -- -- watch Arnold on the criminal through early just sitting there watching K okay. Even when it changed in the gym and they give a man like that break in order GM a way yes and if we get paid endorsement or. We did endorsement and that was lots -- happen. This all seen the ins and but I think you actually look good at all I still have the no picture no I think in nordic track and Auburn University to see that. About this whole thing. Then there is a there's more to come on the table manners so you do you really good for. -- -- You start getting these athletic. On 1718 me. I'm thinking you know I was easy and fast. I got okay. He by the five starts cooling experts are Grubman cap -- -- home with a five start technician. Table manners has brought to you and are blinded DC lottery -- lots of people win. So EB. First his radio and now seating whats next them you know I'm always alluded to. Start taking nation V it's easy to fix my friend got dismal past problem and my alarm not working then. -- is -- a five star techniques. He's an easy thing we've got not just genuine. Want to be a five start technician -- -- make him for good crowd Metcalf dot com. You seem like ten -- you guys are kind of business checking from capitol one bank. I missed my own business checking account really pushed my -- the tradition -- -- -- pulled please only. Inside. -- spot -- has made you coaching horrible. -- -- unlimited business checking from Capital One thing can get unlimited trends. The stress on the that your business. Once in your New Orleans. Don't go anywhere check out -- bonus footage of their minds. Behind the scenes. Into the world pats did that visit to North Carolina. Syracuse NC state. Coverage begins at 330 on Comcast sports net. And have this -- attack you don't want it. Cowboys today. -- -- -- -- Full breakdown of the action. -- -- -- -- Comcast sports net. Offensive team. Dad coach David Robinson yet he did and added as I'm tired. Was it to head basketball coach. Yes he latins together professional soccer and it was out yes and my mom play in passing on Collins and doesn't across Spain Q. So I had a chance yeah -- deficit pastor did that the Internet is genetics. I end and it's time. Think about this you coach your son -- actually have to have plays and strategy to hope that you can compete. The coach and how this thing because one player capable of the admiral right to the ball live rounds. How did you pick Penn State what was the visit like is yours here these epic stories about guys and egg on their visit sort of thing it was reported to have the committee goes this is -- host -- As I'm right all the guys gonna he's great eighth inning what do they do think I was that I how they dropped off the fraternity house a year ago. And Brian I think I know yes these all might have a good time at the caddie party is anything like balance that liked. I mean it's yeah you Ty Dillon then they did just -- -- been in my eyes and the lifestyle they have players and nothing Collins you know part of it. -- about but also. I knew that -- in academics wag. You know uneasy in -- and so one of the top in the nation and so I was so excited to have that the changes seats. And talk to academic advisors and and have a good education along -- You know playing at a high level on top and that was when I mean reasons island because -- soccer is really good. And -- and academic advisor once during college it's funny I Simien as and a I did a -- matches but I also went on sale. Offensive football match and I was in the light walk on the field and of course bring on other trees and our business. And he's. They look at. Underestimates those cakes. Not gonna ask you know is that I got -- Back and I knew he said it many times he interviewed I couldn't help but perk up but I. Hey -- it but you know I got Utley got the job yeah you did it landed it he got an offer not working towards Ross is that -- Finished back on our. Multiple offers and I did I'd -- all golfers if you guys that I need to -- as well -- -- erupts into -- restaurant. Friends and cousins and events are gonna have them. My hands and -- I set my -- See you did Taco Bell euros a sandwich artist but I did what I did make subs from the truckers in thousand. It's a black. Right I'm very expensive to double -- following harness a sandwich artist. These -- public clubs that sixer -- got I was of people artists that Pizza Hut are -- ten and one pizza. Denigrate your pizza you know Pizza -- they actually. They waited she's an account the pepperoni east you have to have an inch all the way around as -- perfect I don't know that was 1986. Picks probably that was a long time. And this is probably sit and I just she's on down -- I bragging about it yields and actually I didn't know people that still exists -- and others everybody thought ever revised painted over it. There on the number one spot there are -- have to -- and struggled to -- of the stuff. Trust all right pizza has the stuff we had three -- so they have looked uneasy over us -- that. That's why why don't bet your life and your effort and he's good yeah since -- -- got it and tossed it up and did you ever. Or get in and I fast behind it and bad how will probably only had to -- jobs -- -- -- -- I'm playing. I way I gap. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And a I everything -- so I got what I painting thing. And then I like -- restaurant and I was a serve and agents and regime lives and on that and I just I. Just kind of free to wage -- my best -- as the man alive you know and other latest brand had -- on anything. Yeah. I mean yeah. -- I just society -- continues to play now tell us about retirement Wednesday and you're there and they go five. -- -- -- leg maybe yes -- and -- six for the fans know it's and you had some medical complications from me what happens if. I'm I act was -- as a mix of things and I had pulmonary embolism. And I hadn't it was a month like blood clots in my lungs and my -- -- -- -- does sound. I was in the hospital four iron. And beliefs actually intends to. Luckily I had time in my my -- and the time and had had -- bag and so you know just. We wanted to meet -- -- breaks. And he was studying to be doctor so -- -- out of school and. Good it was studying -- -- and talk about. Is the and so she act saying you know he's just tell me you know I got -- leg -- and content in check here and just went. Does Sally peers think like flowers is important like some guys staff flowers doesn't mean the night. Like fan and now. You know I think since. And it's showing in somebody I think you know when someone shows you that I can -- -- and us an idea that's a good from just talent. We're not just hiding out in the basement all. KP but you know I guess age is showing them that depends on how well I don't you physically taxed your wife and she's a -- is. It shouldn't happen a third floor in the basement and text or phone call the -- probably as -- -- you probably hope he wasn't there. That's still staying the loss to Japan and won eleven penalty kicks yes that's terrible way to and they asked and a soccer. Eight years though right at all against Arizona as a class final -- -- waste -- time and. Anxious what was that like what was the pressure like -- about the case that actually lived. It was a lot and I was really thinking I honestly just block them and say I just know bring out. And just kind of just can't stand I don't know I can. Yes we're but when you get up at the thought of it. Are you can't really believe -- -- I don't even I never look at the north Ebanks send us edges of the bond and I -- I knew I was gonna go to the last goes -- same spot I sacks in because you train now and it's sometimes it just -- that none of -- seasons and haven't seen. -- I'm always saying that the clients because that's the toughest for the go to advance to even if they go to his interactions have been on the scene it you don't wanna go for the upper corner because he's diet and Ryan answer across -- and -- -- That it down what's -- night. And watching that game is gonna have to. The US Brazil game. Seem like that's. I don't know if you got this this impression about being in the women be in the present and women and he does a great record against them. -- -- for better or there kind of bitchy. So I mean it was a good and yes so you kind of wanted to beat them. Operation is going to be both relay -- We have this mentality that we're the best in the world and resoundingly -- And I think that game proved it because we were a man down for 54 minutes because when I'm ranked tennis veteran -- and I game in the Busch and I end. On -- we just -- down and you know we haven't isn't strong mentality in our -- is gonna win and they're. When -- last let's -- you -- and especially when they scored the second goal of the house and flying and down and -- and around anyone on the -- -- for -- -- think. Shin pads actually Susan -- and just I'm better I'm. We're just yeah they do and I think that's why some of them do get -- it was among you know they don't. For more tasteful -- A big goal on me -- my short dog and I mean that you know it's maybe just got to have something. Funny you say that because my mom was saying why. -- -- -- Yeah I think. Then you're from where he is what I just class -- tomorrow. Yeah. Honda has raised the standard again. The legendary Honda -- now comes -- an impressive list of standard features unmatched by any other car and it's class. Pandora platoons in the rearview camera and it's a new level -- luxury of doing things and of course the car and driver ten best for a record 27 time. Driver a new record now noted the standard features for just two and nineteen month it begs the question. Why settle for less than Honda -- Didn't get a great deals at your local on Felix. The greatest hits all the time and Jennifer are you gonna call you normally you know -- -- why. And that is really starting to drain our resource it's. Speaking of drinks and Jennifer. I think that your clone -- fixed yet. Yeah and other officially hot water and Jennifer didn't you run out of hot water in the shower this morning's. Can't peace of mind -- crowd Metcalf didn't -- -- -- men can't dot com. Rough next to homer of the fun stellar technician. Don't go away. It's only a thirty minute show table manners continues in a minute. Austin opinions all catering to big and so men in the NBC and Baltimore metropolitan. -- offers an extensive collection and think it's all sport shirt slacks and the largest selection best academic pressure since you just get it was the best qualities fit in service it's Boston's big and so. Briscoe as fans and the running back and receiver and return I was a triple threat. -- you can be should only triple A gives -- -- -- and everything discounts. -- play and dependable roadside assistance from triple a beautiful all it's worth benefited. We could hear yourself think. You have grant -- and there's I think it's a guy like how do you think there kind of -- when I I don't know about Ali -- one thing that jumped out of me. And it relates this -- -- in the gym with my wife sometimes relief because she wants to put on makeup. When we do I'm going to gently out of Fraley the areas and yet you always Wear. Some make us before his game changed why exists clouds. And could be a deviation was I was the president she's planning to -- ninety minutes. Stars like claws and yeah I never aware. Blank foundation and -- in any way your foundation on your shirt and -- -- if you think that I mean if -- -- if you go after that so you just do a little bit and it was ranked as I still island on on the scan just makes you how many I don't know what I -- Easily girls that play. With me almost all of us really almost honestly I can't end an inning down -- on more than half -- there. Actually for make a deal actually isn't built for reverend close Campbell's story -- saying is if I was to have an argument -- with my wife about waiting another 510 minutes she's getting ready to go to the gym made it clear on her side. Yeah pleasure. Today when you Playboy. Gave us I don't know I have to -- to -- and about I. -- yeah. It's Renaissance Center. And also not only a sub they are your teammates -- family and friends unit and yeah it really does it -- residuals and DelHomme went and using them again. -- -- live in Europe for five years I think the morals and -- for a little bit closer than you are on the line every night. Here's the question he merely end of that and if by chance he was able to be in Playgirl magazine -- would you least there is not. To check him out and out. That's a -- thing. But I would do it for him -- grand am then we're right on the last night and backhand. One of the things aren't good enough Bob Dylan 101000 dollars you didn't see it. They don't they've seen it until -- You know I think in my -- -- I don't -- forever but -- they've seen it but not in that way. They would Matthews and now only -- -- -- -- I've never seen one bigs aren't. You tell you. Can ask neighborhoods. I don't really know how they do I don't I -- I don't. So these big German fluently and kept attacking did you know German before him at all you know our disagreements -- I don't slump. There isn't. Mean I may as because I can do and there is and things like I'm German and -- -- and I wanted to learn because. A lot of -- team isn't thinking that yes but I can't expect them so you know that and I'm planning your -- mean I should learn the language and and select their personalities. To think who -- you give him the nickname mumble to. On the market and economy yeah. -- brain and he hit it exactly top ten -- -- -- That term and I think that. Yeah it -- at all yeah fast. In my opinion the best time Boras already got Zambrano. You are certainly is very limited. Good evening my dad at the beginning in aggregate thanks again I really think -- because you would think that you're getting yelled out on time ninety Wednesday's unveiling its ugly language center and got her all of -- Or Seattle let's remember all guys from die -- -- -- And it's not the only thing that's why these. Odds grew more I heads say hi passer good job and I do play. Since the yelling at me right and I was like only got an injury on the. Time -- that we're seeing as there is -- tennis. I just Google it and as far as what is hard is it under the yeah. They didn't but on the planet and -- and I thought sounds. Today did he's perks in your contract like this sets you up with an apartment they give you car into a war. Aids and they study up -- -- -- apartment and we're sponsored by the end of the volley. -- -- Ireland -- -- let us SEC game this -- This is it was a little -- 35 I hit -- terrible in his -- kind of realized I had -- good. Cardenas a lot of big time. He's always told us what was your first -- has -- them -- Think -- here's a look at it and I was saying it was it was me now. Think it's yeah. Under bit. I love I love giant -- out of -- awesome. Do you think Saturday and that really thinks he knows how dynamic and has been yelling that she will move over when someone's behind Jim what's the fastest he wasn't. And I and sales. And one time and once finding proclaims as a elements there -- in my bag and miles an hour lovely paycheck yeah. Of course -- Audi is. So if you're -- -- -- -- you're -- 120 miles per hour of the people of his -- in and out. These are people texting and driving them well. And not a -- -- time now. Now I want to. And I is terrifying all you would do that I would be afraid of the journal of the Nuggets on me out diet and don't look at -- -- -- 130 in the German deer ducks it's -- call. Sure there are German beer -- big games. Here it is speaks German has been instrumental in front of you -- -- in Virginia stormed into the certainly miss him indeed there are certain limits of the era jumped out these were the years plowing into a very good ones wanting. I can't and. Well we've altered its on the first three months I was like kind of wanted to come on as a good moments you have to and I -- you know I'm gonna give -- -- -- And -- and I mean I like to Townsend I -- announced today at the time San Diego it. Smith on brought glanced up -- -- I wasn't a bright. I don't always hit it out of it or not sure what yeah so angry and I -- -- grand stage. Something. Yeah. Wellemeyer figure -- one point in my -- government the district was the extra. Uncle pastry. It was the journalism pays for -- it's. Gotta -- German word for basically. Thank K thank -- -- -- Enjoy this table manners -- -- -- the coolest things done you know I think here. I know you've been a -- parties like award shows and a walk in the red carpet and what is it like oh my after bracket oh my god there's food. Like could you run into the blowing you away. Right I -- And I -- You guys. -- here. Because. -- -- -- What do you see dirt eating -- he's bringing. It's not you it's your windows. Thompson creek is the energy saving solution you can afford now. With statements is always 93 dollars a month hi I'm Rick wiest. Our businesses built on the referral happy customers that people affordable quality back by expert installation and the best guarantee in the industry. Called Thompson -- today. Calling 877 -- don't want now we've made energy savings beautiful. Don't let the show so far keep putting here for more table manners. This is my office mesa. I'm an account to freelance or private investigator I am mailbox of the UBS. It's across the street -- back I can tell them see -- that -- you can't beat the -- They text me or send me an email and I have a package and like -- And you fiesta and it's very only. -- -- -- -- Did you ever dated. Cricket player. And then -- and instantly know what about guys were on the tennis community and I. -- accent at all and I'm kind of things then would you date somebody. That went to a Renaissance festival. They're young and yeah. I mean if you like comic or -- -- to. Get them in the act by both -- -- looking today. Again and then you know just -- on. Jousting and how can read from Turkey legs. At all -- -- me. You're. -- Now you at all I don't know I don't know what. Until what's -- Peter's favorite cheap you know Tim favorite -- -- -- close games and get some Eminem's. They'll dozens -- next quit his last legs they can't pass it on I love cupcakes. And he's done -- them don't condone its what it was a mile president and dunking them in Boston cream -- love to talk -- being gone. This was my thought. Feel like I've been very good and Reggie not yet and there isn't Lipton time they content Dublin Ireland. Enough in Germany and so what is. Guy owned cupcake shop he would have no shot dating. -- -- -- To be professional athlete of the standard gently to him pretty good because I can't stop -- and Andre is going to be stronger generally. I've never seen a great Toledo not. Is there there at least those -- and the 2010 World Cup hockey arena. And thank you in his -- -- -- -- -- locker and meaning I'll let you know our coaches and I had. Studios back pain in his fantasy -- and -- walking around and their man out there and into the not a. Just changing they're right in the here and you can have to go locker room. He's fast and fly back puts his hands and you're going to be -- junior high he's that crazy dad than -- -- fans -- like walking around half -- About some of the videos I think -- -- more than making. All I can still there running around. A brilliant game. Are you needed a wasn't over there and. Lot of people who have. CSN Washington dot com.

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