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Cav's coach London: "Mentality for us...play better."



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Wed, 9 Oct 2013|

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CSN Washington dot com. It's been -- Are really good week of practice and understanding that you know turnovers and never lead to a good thing. In particular some -- that was uncharacteristic of us was penalties. And they understand that you got to limit those two areas specifically internal resorting give yourself chances. To win and be competitive and and we recognize that worked on ball security worked on a lot of things this week in the -- to get better improve. In play good competitive game against Maryland. Well not just them you know other players you know Kevin parks -- urban. No other guys on the team that did realize it. You know there's there's a couple games -- are gone now gone because of turnovers. And and done not because of the game to capitalize on on what squander opportunities. And so the we're the best way to fix it is is is it the task at hand in the past games is insanity is a very very good Maryland football team. While I don't know about me particularly miss anything about the robbery but it there there's some significance to it in that. There's a lot of Northern Virginia kids DC kids barely kids that are at Virginia. Their players that are plan on their team that either they played with they played against. So you know there's some there's some commonality between -- a lot of our players in that area. You know the rivalry goes back at that think this -- fifty something years. You know it's a border state and all those things that encompass what you know what what what -- game would be like but. You know they're they're moving on and you know we're in the ACC big extended our brand is well with other teams coming in. But to announce a football game was an ACC football game and opportunity for us to get back on winning -- You know it's it's probably one of those things it did. It it's CJ can play I'm sure to play but they have a system in the scheme that they use them I'm sure. Coast -- -- is is mindful of what. You know what each quarterback can or can't do what their system you know all the way to run the ball away all the ball how they operate. Is something that's made the most successful to date and would we digs in -- long and in all but the cast of characters that that they rely on to move the ball I mean it's you know it's an offensive attack it. No they want their their main guy but it's an opposite tactic and they can function efficiently it's long that you would they do. Not for us at the would have been tallied for us is is to play better is to play better eliminate those things that that causes issues as last week. I'm quite sure for them you know it's the same thing you know you don't look at the score of what happened if you look at how you get yourself and get your teammates better and -- team better. I'm sure -- as was on that as we prepared this week. You know for us to correct our own issues so. Along we -- talk about earlier about you know rivalry game guys known -- known players on each team I think that's probably the most significant issue that. They would both caught -- a loss a look at four win. I'd kick the ball away probably you know I think what -- stepped on as he's he's very talented and everyone sees that and you know it's gonna require you know the proper lanes coverage to the right kind of kicked. It all those things but you know he is an explosive player. And done you know we just have to do what we need to do to -- to the limit you know any expose opportunities for him. CSN Washington dot com.

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