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Wed, 9 Oct 2013|

Machine Generated Transcript

CSN Washington dot com. No more. Basically substantial -- -- any and everything all my promotional tour that I've ever thought of that today. Back on -- now I'm Terry Jones loves his corner of. Was still Tony Romo late in the game throwing a costly picks a second down fellas Romo has a history of fourth quarter collapses the Bryan. Is it fair to say he is -- choke artist. Yes it's fair to say do you look at the media -- would you had the finish off games late in the game and like last night I'm sure everybody got that talk some was gonna happen. Ought to remember us in the -- all just to see you on that checks and that hey. I won't Romo to be a guy as you might support Romo won't deserve a lot more credit and that's it right back to erase that. Not embraced that thought because this guy down and a clutch situation he falters all the time. -- -- -- Of course he's wrong -- could become. But that Tony Romo has never been handed a Super Bowl team and failed to get through this your -- Dallas is I. Slightly above average team in his entire career there and the fact he throws the -- miss timed interception does not change the fact. That he has not kept that team from being what it truly is that is the team it is and he's a good quarterback we're not a great. If you want a quarterback to take -- those Cowboys teams. To the Super Bowl you better get Tom Brady you'd better get Peyton Manning or you better get Drew Brees because nobody else is gonna get him. -- -- The -- miss timed interception like that happens once every blue -- -- Tony Romo when you talk about how many how many are there. How many how many is is more than. I mean I don't know -- -- looking up and a big game he's. If you cannot himself but he's been in five playoff games that team has won one -- home and I agree I -- if you say he's not holding them from a Super Bowl. I mean fine fairer point but does that make him a good clutch quarterback. Not in my mind and Jerry Jones going out like that. And that sort of embarrassing what is throwing for 500 yards in this league mean nowadays where it's a good number. But everyone throws for a lot of yards it's about making the plays you have to make in the fourth quarter I don't think Tony Romo makes them. And right Jerry Jones called this say a moral victory should be calling moral victories with an eleven year veteran is our quarterback. You just say this guy hunter -- dolls okay moral victory coming from you only know that proves Jerry Jones exactly like a lot of people run its country he's a fantasy football. He doesn't get about winning the game he cares about foot notes that this I don't -- pacifier that is excellent. When he needed to make a play he faltered and he does it over and over again ever since he fumbles that is Seattle. We just sit there saying I don't believe that did not a Q a lot of -- that I'm going to probably win a Super Bowl but your quarterback always late in the game he's played the number one rated quarterback in a fourth quarter when it comes the last two minutes of the game. He's the worst silly why because he throws interceptions he fumbled the ball he doesn't closeout. That's why he's not a great quarterback and Jerry Jones got to go out there try to justify. His 100 million dollar mistake. So ray you don't think the Tony Romo is a problem McKinney when the big game Kenny what is different ball. Not what did not -- this team and not with this organization and I think they've tossed the coaches and now they they're just they're just not since. While I'm not gonna defend Tony Romo. I am gonna say that he is -- he has like about fifteen other quarterbacks in this league. That if you put them on that team they're gonna do exactly what they've done under him. If you put three quarterbacks on that team yeah maybe they -- a Super -- out of them but I think the problem is not just him it's systemic. They're mediocre and they pretend that they're not. Brian you're shaking your head I mean kick at can a tiger changes -- can a quarterback change Joey is is this to Tony were always. Where it is who he is BS on this thing you can make -- mistake early they gave it -- -- at an early in the game and didn't throw it at the moment that he game would we be talking about the interception. Saw that did that Tony won't make you -- that you sit there miss the -- it's -- fortunate when he throws as he makes mistakes at the wrong time and that's why you become great. When you come down those -- -- the way you make something happen. -- put a team in a message way he does it over and over again so but I understand Charles you make an excuse is that Tony Romo. He isn't terrible quarterback in that situation he has. Performance anxiety point -- What do you think might. But that's on the all right performance anxiety I would go with that and you know ray says he's like fifteen other quarterbacks that means he's a middle of the pack guy. I think overall agreement there is a middle of the pack guys go back to a big thing I have. They're probably football allies nowadays is to this. Tennessee you know spectrum court you know because some ridiculous like fantasy northern regional realize what's going on. In the actual game. People did not you know to boot into thinking that Tony Romo is the only quarterback is he put the police fantasy numbers. Watch the real game he is not a real -- quarterback. Yeah I think quarterbacks really are who they are I mean -- he's good not great probably never gonna get. To be Natalie status by the way Ronald I was nineteen game winning drives in the fourth quarter or overtime that's tied for fifth most in football since he took over the starting job. In 2006. We don't really remember those we do remember -- box snaps in the playoffs however. CSN Washington dot com.

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