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  1. Michael Jenkins1:34
  2. Jerry Jones1:13
  3. Hank Williams0:44
  4. Cowboys0:54, 1:46
  5. Dallas0:23, 1:29
  6. Washington0:02, 1:29, 1:55
  7. Atlanta1:20
  8. Texas0:31
  9. hot button0:16
Wed, 9 Oct 2013|

Machine Generated Transcript

CSN Washington dot com guys guys. I hate to interrupt you he's all right and so Nicole it was a great voice when he threw that out there. I stop you because I need to take a stand on the whole NFL nickname controversy it has become a hot button issue here in the DNV and across the country. Of course and talking about the disgusting and offensive mascot. Of the Dallas -- It's time for a change because the name cowboy. Is outdated and I should -- all because I'm from west Texas. The politically correct term is western influenced -- wearing southern individual. Can't put all the losers no you can't you look at what means the most people. It means to around a campfire list and Hank Williams probably played a secondhand harmonica. Gold in nearly a look at the stars and thinking about a woman to lay down and well that's the stereotypes. Cowboys today are different I'm hopefully western influence did wearing -- individuals tell nobody sits outside I can't fire anymore. Today mr. O'Donnell blanket them back here Ford F 150 while -- and Johnson southern comfort and listen to that -- -- -- total. They don't your idea. That things have changed but Jerry Jones is too stubborn to do anything about it he released this statement earlier today. Lot of -- but also Atlanta I've been pretty bombardment and street fifth spot in the wall sock out of my body to see nothing. We'll have one Dallas and Washington tonight. Thank you so much Michael Jenkins for clearing that up by how -- under the exact definition of a cowboy apparently does not the Marlboro man it notice. You know just I don't their -- is not that. Book waiting to see James system denim Cowboys do with this. Attack -- out. There. CSN Washington dot com.

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