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Wizards get ready to head to Brazil for preseason



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Thu, 10 Oct 2013|

Machine Generated Transcript

CSN Washington dot com. Geico sports net central update. Everyone cold -- here if you're Geico sports net central update we start off with a Washington Wizards after Tuesday night's exhibition opener. The Wizards made their way to Brazil. A ten hour flight to an eighth home country in the way is we'll take on the Chicago Bulls at HSBC arena in Rio de Janeiro this Saturday I believe bit. Believe me when I say this team is excited to be in Brazil take a look -- remembers. Of the team to instant Graham late last night haven't there and took a picture of himself. Getting ready to board the nonstop charter I'm pretty sure he flat. For most of that ten hour plane ride and take a look at this it is not a pleasure trip the Wizards had to practice in Brazil Wednesday. There's our good friend Dave Johnson air viewing the Brazilian countryman -- -- extremely ecstatic to have his teammates. Enjoy his nation's. Also take a look at does fly and that's when John Wall posted a picturesque view of his beach from Vegas hotel window prior to the plane ride. Chris Miller caught up with wall and his team -- Tell me how excited you are to go to Brazil the -- we've talked in the past about what basketball has given you the opportunities this for as you know you get to go and play and represent not only your country to go on represented organization and pursue. Normally his greatness Harmon lessons -- -- -- does losing organization to get our team burdensome on the coach has for his game and resume it. Every team is gonna it and then we're trying to great she vulnerable with himself to got a chance -- Perez and we just take our fans -- -- -- you -- to disagree things are. From a mom going through -- -- George has a fun time and have dinner hedges in May when a team and get our commodities struggling described and try to win again and come back. Been overseas before and I mean just their fan base in the whole experience and a different culture is going to be sort of fifty for the guys who have been there. For a bit overseas out of pressure before is definitely a great experience and while we're on a soak in and that is they we still have made noises and so I think it is any changing horses he's just. Now more of a Spanish class on to be his going to be difficult but I hope for Arkansas. Are -- -- different and a Comcast sports net studios I'm Nicole Darren for CSN Washington dot com. CSN Washington dot com.

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