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Thu, 10 Oct 2013|

Machine Generated Transcript

Csnwashington.com. What are we now bailout the -- Former skins and Cowboys quarterback I think your real boats I that is robbery you quarterback both of these things how important is this game. But huge for the Cowboys I know that they've they've been in this win one lose one. For about the last 03 or four years bride so that they they wanna win this game the interesting thing everybody knows this NFC east. Nobody is out of it including the New York Giants even though -- 015 right now but. -- that was the way things are going to -- threes leading the division that a long time since that's happened. I you live and it's down you know lot of fans here feel about the Cowboys but now in Dallas Cowboys fans look at the -- football team. I think cowboy fans honestly Bryant at the point where. They don't care who their players they just wanna win but remember that there's this the team has gone six and -- and then eight Nate Nate -- so the rivalry. While you know it's still there obviously with the NFC east team to see him every year. I think now cowboy fans once upon a time they wanted to get a ticket to this -- that particular game and now it's just they wanna see this team win and last week. That was a great example just a tremendous. Football game against Denver Broncos but they walk away losing by three. 5148. In the fourth highest scoring game in NFL history. Always thought Tony Romo -- a -- had a terrific game. You know we showed just how good he could possibly be. Well -- game that ugly Tony Romo really say it needs a little bit about what you think he's going through it what you see from him. I mean he's one of the best quarterbacks in the league but in late game situations he's seen -- not beautifully for. -- interesting thing and we talked about this on a show what doc walker there. He is the highest rated quarterback in the fourth quarter in NFL history if you go back. To 2006 when he became a starter and you look at the percentage of interceptions in the fourth quarter when the teams within seven points -- some point lead or seven points behind. It's an exceptional way rate. Is lower than Jay Cutler lower than Tom Brady lower than Eli Manning lower than a whole host of quarterbacks and yet everybody. Has the impression that he always formed late it's really not true but there have been those. You know those big gaps -- in the Pittsburgh remember yours back obviously Washington. Last year the third interception killed when the Cowboys had a chance to come down and score with three minutes left in the game. And then everybody obviously saw this one against Denver Broncos on a nationally televised game. Thought that you need to be liked other golfers when they plan against Tiger Woods you know make you bad bad mistakes when the camera not all you. For you Tiger Woods always look it is clear at all I mean it in the big games you know you look at the -- to go about a game that's when he's made a big mistake. I -- say I want people look at him again. Then again they -- -- back to Brian I cowboy fans like fans of any city around the 32 NFL teams. They just wanna win and they wanna get there and then he's put him in position the last two years. How to win the NFC east two years ago in Washington excuse me two years ago in new York and then of course last year against the Redskins and just hasn't been able to turn that corner so. Fans are you know there are souring on him a little bit I'm still a a huge fan of Tony Romo I think what he did in that game against the Denver Broncos was phenomenal they got the ball. Four straight times in the second half they went on. 818351. And 87 yard drives for touchdowns. And you know that's right if you put 48 points up on the board. You're supposed to be Stanton on the sideline with a baseball cap park and watch in the back of going for mop up duty -- not -- say okay they're forty it was nice guess what how we need 51. Yeah out and that well again like this you really absolutely right you're defense didn't have a terrific game themselves but they -- your statement but the quarterback here. RG three's coming off the knee surgery. And and try to come back and be RG three's been Robert Griffin so far. -- can you -- livid at what you've seen from him trying to come back and is this probably more mental than they are physical. Yeah you closer to the situation certainly that I am and I saw the first couple games and you can just see. It was a guy that that really wasn't ready to play. And I don't care if your -- veteran in -- league and he he got to practice. Got to practice in -- training camp he got to play in a little bit in the pre season. To get you ready and he looked he appeared to me when I saw the first two games I got all the first one. And he just looked like. A guy that. Was rusty and that's anyone's rusty because he hadn't been able to go through -- all haven't played the pre season. So he was getting his feet wet while everybody else was going full speed but I'm a big fan of Robert Griffin the third we've seen in here obviously. About a hundred miles down the road in Waco Baylor -- the Heisman Trophy winning season in a phenomenal player great charisma great leader. I've I've always been a big fan his but he just he hasn't looked like himself -- right I think the bye week certainly will help. And it'll be an interest in of the interest and see other Robert Griffin the third the Cowboys see as opposed to who they saw those first four games. Well -- and there's little story had popped up to me I need to get your your take on it can't -- a little bit about the giggling Marlon. I can't I control if I can say a lot of other big Marlon. Up until about 2 in the morning bright and that was that was the year. Joel Weisman who broke his leg I was at the -- -- which was in Cabo San Lucas but I've been released by the Redskins and interestingly enough. That week Bobby -- and had called me and said Heyward who -- think about bringing you back if not the end of this -- not this year. Then to start next year. And these are Angels you know he was struggling guys will struggle and here anyway he's a would you be willing to come back and I said yeah I'd I'd be willing let's talk about a blog. So I take -- a problem like the next day and Collison Lucas at that time was just a sleepy fishing village there there were no phones. In any of the hotels so -- onside. At the giggling Marlin it was the only place where they had a television at a satellite down I remember this was 1986. And so we went we saw the game. They actually and you upside down like a fish and you be tequila shots all the process of doing that. I looked up and I thought I think you just broke his -- some like -- flipping back right side up. So we do next they have fly out of but if I had to call from the post office or no phones in the hotel. Did everything by telegraph at that point try to go to to the post office at 9 in the morning call the Redskins the -- where they try to reach me which they work. I got out of there. IRS registered I guess -- -- somebody goes down to Mexico another -- on the -- tomorrow but maybe we play a game all called top three on his showing. You know for you four starting quarterback in the inner cities that you named me that top three right now. Wow. I put Tony Romo and there. Mentally -- -- in there. And put RG three in their since Michael Vick has a hamstring injury how's that. Actually using a C weasel your way out of that went by laughter that Lisa I wanna know -- you think wins this game on Sunday. I don't I honestly I I I would love to be the got to tell you Brian but. I don't know the Cowboys they're they've been an up and down team for the last two years you don't know what to expect. I do believe this Jim has that always plays the Cowboys tough. Jason -- offense. Tony Romo he always gives some problem that Romo always it's just. Hesitates just set second before releases the ball against Haslett has that I think does a phenomenal job I know they've struggled defensively. So I'm gonna say. I'm not respect I have little baby -- about to join us and not take care about walker when it comes down and as we can get. How I love doc K he mentored me as a rookie. And I wish you mentioned me a little better I would had a better career. But they giggling Marlin is still in Cabo San Lucas I've been -- I don't do the same things I did in the giggling -- but it is still there. I meant that there with our dealers. Thank you Bryant. CSN Washington dot com.

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