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Beltway Baseball: Should the Nats hire Cal Ripken?



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Thu, 10 Oct 2013|

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CSN Washington dot com. Now sticking your first time -- a guy with no experience there's one name we haven't really discussed it. And this is a guy you know pretty well you guys go way back. However did you hear what about him at all all the fans in this area obviously very familiar with him watching the Orioles over the years. If cal Ripken's gonna take a job it doesn't look like the Orioles jobs -- open at times and now so why not take the one right on the road. I hear let's let's let's put this one -- I'm not -- -- your percentage hits but it's an agreement on your -- I know how little bit I've known people I don't like people who know him well and know how he's been thinking all along really. -- goal all along has been to run a whole organization. And team president and GM even -- Before Sunday. He's always. Stay away from home manager like you know I know at this point in his life it makes a little more sentences him to grow up and out. That's like me that it was time to do it. This would be it. But here's the thing about how is that possible money and he's gonna -- -- five million dollars million dollars -- knows what. If -- -- the nationals you can spend that much money with no. Managerial experience on the professional and I thought our -- know -- -- nothing. He's worked with kids -- and I think he wouldn't be good and maybe what he's a great teacher. Comes from a -- background obviously. And what's that about that huge amount respect. But he never got. Most first time in -- and make about 5000 dollars. So are you can't take that big -- risk and do that and also your cap. If you really were taken jobs and you are publicly changed and Baltimore experience. And if he ever has visions of going back and doing anything of that organization. That's the bridge burning. If you took that job not to say quit button there's a lot of reasons why is C. I think it's really involved. An inferior -- I kind of like the idea because when my favorite managers right now as Mike Metheny and he didn't have a lot of experience although he did study under turnovers are a few years. We -- at the money is a consideration that makes those two situations almost kind of hard to compare. But one thing that I think is instinct if is cal Ripken is interest in the job they have to give an interview right you can't not give cal Ripken in your shirt I. Also have to know. What that's going to be from our standpoint and now. You you know you can iron why not what we -- already so it's a delicate back on something that is very carefully. Also is Mike Rizzo is very close and that's -- -- -- -- not like they offered he tells us all what he's doing so that makes it on our. To try to report these things -- -- -- how much does actually get out here. CSN Washington dot com.