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2 Minute Drill: Redskins vs. Cowboys preview



  1. DeAngelo Hall2:45, 3:14
  2. Tony Romo0:13, 0:19, 0:23
  3. Ashburn Virginia3:25
  4. Dez Bryant0:20, 2:37, 2:43
  5. rich Taylor1:05, 3:23
  6. Robert Griffin2:02
  7. Ryan Kerrigan0:57
  8. breakout game2:27
  9. switching gears2:30
  10. offensive player1:56
Thu, 10 Oct 2013|

Machine Generated Transcript

CSN Washington dot com. The Redskins didn't get the starts of the season they wanna go on one and three before a bye week last week. Now the Redskins travel down to Dallas to face a very explosive Tony Romo and the Cowboys offense -- kill this year you tell us what are the Redskins need to do to slow down Tony Romo Dez Bryant and company. You know I think they get a focus on stopping Tony Romo and you know no quarterback likes to have guys in their face. And you know I looked at some numbers in those Cowboys three losses Romo was sacked ten times in the two wins whose only sacked three times. And rumor last week against the Broncos Romo had an outstanding game until that late. Interception and you go back and you look at that play what happened -- Smith got pushed back into home. The Broncos got a -- to pass rush and that way he -- stepping on -- ankle as he released the ball didn't get all he wanted to on it and it turned into a bomb an interception. So clearly Ryan Kerrigan and Brian -- for Rory to have strong performances absolutely pressure pressure pressure. We've seen Romo turned the ball over before. Rich rich Taylor what do the Redskins offensively need to do to secure a win in Dallas what. There's really two steps they need to run the ball. But they get running it in in me enough you need to run it to set up the pass. What works for them last year play action passing. What worked for them was. Being effective enough running and also the safeties have to cut a safety has come up into the box that take somebody out of coverage. And -- it's just all comes out off of the running game so we need commit to it. Get -- the -- going he had two good games against Dallas last year 336 yards I believe in the in the two gained 200 that season finale which was cute. But it if they're gonna use the whole playbook which they're gonna have to do it there -- -- scored a lot of points to win this game. They're gonna do that they get -- the running game going. And use that to feed the passing game. Rich stay with you put an offensive player that needs to break out for the skins to win Sunday night -- -- let's let's break down out for an obvious of of Robert Griffin the third and Alfred Morris let's talk about -- in Jordan Reed. Tied at Denver tight -- had a lot of success against the Cowboys. On their -- still figuring out 43 defense they just converted two this year. On so Jordan -- he's back. He's healthy he's just the kind of weapon. Did it -- they can use to put up some points some -- some points against Cowboys so breakout game from the rookie from Florida to make a big difference. -- switching gears who's a player the skins really need to focus on shutting down from the Cowboys can get them the way. I mean without a doubt it's going to be Dez Bryant. -- we just spoke to -- -- -- of a few minutes ago he wouldn't tell us who's gonna be covering Dez Bryant Graham I think we all know it's going to be DeAngelo Hall. You go back to that game in December Redskins have to win it to clinch division and get into the playoffs. And I limited Bryant to. Four receptions 71 yards no touchdowns the week before that Bryant went off against the Saints for 224. Yards. So you know clearly. Do you all was able to shut him down keep him out of the end zone and -- a huge boost. He's got to do the same thing on Sunday night. Right right earlier this week DeAngelo Hall said that off the field he really likes Dez Bryant -- -- -- on the field they hate each other. So we'll see what that means he had exactly arm for tar heel this year rich Taylor and JP Finley from a very wet Ashburn Virginia. Redskins play the cowboys' 8 o'clock Sunday night stay with CS and boston.com for all your Redskins coverage. CSN Washington dot com.

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