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Thu, 10 Oct 2013|

Machine Generated Transcript

CSN Washington dot com. Woven into season Washington dot com for your college football preview we both Maryland and Virginia coming off devastating losses last week I'm Brian Jackson. Joined by dale mark in GP -- And Maryland of course is coming off that 63 nothing drubbing. At the hand of Florida State but Virginia wasn't much better is it lost by three touchdowns at home to Ball State so which loss was worse. Well yes Maryland's loss was bad. -- in the 63 nothing is almost an -- -- what you gotta consider couple factors of the time CJ brown went out with his concussion -- state led fourteen to nothing. The defense had done well to hold the fort kept James Winston from doing all too much fourteen nothing in the second quarter against the number eighteen in the country. Is workable but ninety degree heat in Tallahassee short offensive drives. Florida State kept the foot on the pedal even late in the game. I if if this game they were 3710 we talking about it as much no it was it was a couple moving factors that that needed 63 nothing. And you know so. Virginia at home three touchdowns the Ball State on this in Maryland is something they can recover from. -- JP you know it's tough because both of these teams just got beat they have you really bad and there's not a whole lot you wanna take away from that. But if you boil it down -- went down to Tallahassee and got beat by a guy that could win the Heisman Trophy you BA lost at home three touchdowns Ball State. Don't take anything away from Ball State there are really good team but that. Cavalier squad is supposed to be -- states what if when there's rumors there's a lot of speculation there could be a coaching change in Charlottesville. If something like that was to happen they're gonna point to this loss and say we had to make a move. Now this week will be a meeting between Maryland and Virginia. And also this will be the final ACC clash between these two teams. So when both teams have also really struggle with their defense. You VA gave up 31 points and I think you have to Ball State so. What was the issue with their defense you know it it's funny with the UBA defense because. While they don't look that sharp the numbers aren't that good they gave up a lot of points in a loss to Oregon they gave up a lot of points in the loss to Ball State. 01 yards per game in the country they ranked number 28 which really isn't too bad so the biggest question for you VA. Is an effort thing in the Ball State loss if they had four turnovers in the second half that all led to -- points. If they can cut down the turnovers they played pretty solid. If they can limit the -- yardage that you limit CJ brown stepped -- the big plays they'll be able to stay in this game. Now Marilyn. Heading into last week's game people were talking about them being a really underrated defense you know or just a week ago they set up a powerful West Virginia team. So then was -- less than just an aberration. I think he. Then the thing they can continue to hang their hat on is the fact that. -- run defense is still pretty solid now whether it was floors they just wanna beat them through the air and that was -- James Woodson chose to do. We'll have to see but they still rank fifteenth in the country in yards per game on the ground defensively. They're gonna have battle this week against Kevin parks West Coast for -- yards rushing this season. We'll have to see how they handle him but I think because they're pretty solid defensively against the running game. Though Kevin parks is good running back I think Maryland's gonna bounce back this week. And this week's game will be played in College Park in that road team with four no in the last four meetings in this series that would that -- predictions we get. I'm gonna take Maryland I think there as I mentioned before that run game is strong on this day. Whether or not CJ brown plays this offense is gonna find this group we might not see an offense like we saw through those first four weeks putting up all those points and I'm gonna take Maryland. Tony to. Homer I'll -- you know I think this game is going to be a lot closer than people are expecting. Everybody thinks the terps are gonna come out kind of blow away in your call eighteen points. I think this one's going to be really tight fourth quarter nail biter I do think the terps win but I'm expecting something like. 3528. With a last second touchdown thwarted from Maryland. And that would do for this week's college football preview per game board and JP -- I'm Brian Dixon -- the Washington dot com. CSN Washington dot com.

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