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CSN Washington dot com. And a welcome back the beltway baseball here on CSN Washington dot com and chase Hughes this is mark Zuckerman. Talk about the mets' managerial search which Mike Rizzo as Ernie said his priority number one for the nationals obviously they got to get a manager before they really figure out or anything else. And obviously the playoffs are going on right now so mark unless you first. What can we expect for kind of the timeline of this decision to be made will be made soon are we going to be waiting -- while I think it's. Probably going to be a little while most of these things do you tend to take a while certainly. Mike Rizzo and learners MO to take your time this. Not necessarily rush gets there first party but they're not doing anything else October they're not sign players and really a lot of roster to make me wanna make sure a few other due diligence here and talk everybody want to make sure iron right -- the -- big decision. Who has long lasting ramifications for teams is maybe the biggest decision Rizzo has been amazed since he got this job because he has clean slate you know. What do you -- got in house candidates and external and it's. You before he was retaining people it retaining treatment after. Took over in the postseason and it was retaining Eddie Johnson after he finished -- -- now. He's got a blank slate to -- when he wants here so I think he's gonna take his I wouldn't be surprised if this goes into November. And in the talk to a lot of people on the way. Oh start with the internal candidates obviously reigning -- a guy that all the fans are familiar with from David Johnson getting ejected and Randy -- kind of not not. Just going with the status -- make some up pretty uninteresting moves he's he's a guy that you know we've we've been around for a few years now is very interesting candidate. There's a few other guys but do you think. Is Mike -- really gonna go that round they have a good shot. Well I think nor is it gonna rank him as the number one hand and he's going into this -- you and Tony Easley are all -- -- -- I think there again. Interviewed for the job they have aspirations and -- -- -- qualifications. Both big league coaching experience and minor league. Meant for both guys for quite. So I think they get a lot of rain nor really. Has worked all up to get to this point he's been here. Minor league manager or injury of nationals. Since 2004 since before the nationals really expect. He's managed every level system. You guys in its first Miley manager. Mean people -- -- its first -- -- was anymore. Low class it's. So these guys know him well he spent the last couple -- coach here. He's very well respected. But players he's a no nonsense guy that yes he's a player's manager gets along well. He's also not afraid to get their faces alum and they're not doing something right we saw a couple times this year. Pulled Soriano in the ninth inning with a lead. Basically trash Bryce Harper. Publicly for not possible. That's not something Davey Johnson would do that's not his style I think if Randy was injured it would be a little different and I think most players. In that clubhouse like that side and I think Mike Rizzo likes that side and because -- has a little bit of that. You know honesty in him when he speaks. Now. Of course there's going to be some external candidates we've heard Matt Williams's name thrown around Jayson Werth has kind of given his you know. Stamp of approval on Charlie Manuel as manager there and I itself which is fine Jayson Werth has not ruled out him -- Fine except I think I did and it's -- -- There's some other guys around the league that you know the probably at least consider their under contract like Bo Porter I guess technically they can make a trade Mike Scioscia a lot of the fans -- really called for him. But really think it's gonna kind of come down to what Mike Rizzo thinks because that the players want. An internal candidate at least for the most part but this team to -- twelve games step back last year you would let you would like to think that resist Collie -- wanna. Basically make a big change in this might be the only big change you can. Well you're right I mean this is the one thing -- can do so that's why it's such a big decision for him at the same time he sent. He's not. He he respects what the players saying that he's not taking their -- on this isn't there an area of expertise and of course they're gonna want. To keep the status because it's different and it's familiar. Took them so yet you could go outside Matt Williams. Guy that Rizzo likes and is like it long time from the days together in Arizona another guy who has been touted for a while. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But in -- clubhouse he commands respect that or he's not afraid. To get players face and tell what you think it's like no Rizzo likes of that. The other guys you would you go for something experience. That was kind of question all along okay. Here's a team that has World Series aspirations do you go get a big name and problem is there really isn't one out there and thought maybe run are higher -- iron about things that he had and look at. He's come back from this -- -- -- him I don't think and pray for people were involved Bo don't get me wrong. I'm actually feeling pretty firm and you're actually getting something is all that worthwhile Charlie Manuel -- that Jayson -- support -- seen -- coming and expect. That's a seven year old man who won the World Series. If they really want that they have great -- -- -- at red and then you know it was a mutual decision -- one happy Johnson back so I don't think -- that. If they go. External I think it's probably the first time as it turns -- which is surprising because you would not necessarily expect that -- team this much time. Now sticking a first timer and a guy with no experience there's one name we haven't really discussed it and this is a guy you know pretty well you guys go way back. Cal Ripken junior -- Raanan at all all the fans in this area obviously very familiar with him watching the Orioles over the years. If cal -- gonna take a job it doesn't look like the Orioles jobs -- open at times now so why not take the one right on the road. I -- let let's let's put this one -- I'm not as a 0% chance but it's very minimal here's why. I know how little bit I know people I don't let people know him well and know how he's been thinking all along really. Powell's goal all along has been to run -- organization. And team president. GM even old -- before Sunday. He's always. Stay away from home manager like you know I know at this point in his life it makes little more sentences him to grow up and have a house. He feels like maybe if there ever was -- time do. -- be it. But here's the thing about how he's gonna cost money and he's gonna come had five million dollars million dollars who knows what. If you're the nationals -- -- spend that much money -- with no. Managerial experience on the national level and I thought our minds know how to nothing. He's worked with kids. -- not to say he wouldn't be good -- maybe what he's a great teacher he comes from a great background obviously and stuff and that about that huge amount of respect. He's ever -- Most first Anderson and make about 5000 dollars and so are you can't take that big risk and do that and also your cap. If you really were taken jobs and things. Washington Nationals. You are public exchanged and Baltimore was hearing and if he ever has visions of going back there and doing anything of that organization. That's the bridge burning. If he took that job not to think -- button there's a lot of reasons why is C. I think it's really lost -- An inferior kind of I kind of like the idea because when my favorite managers right now is Mike Metheny and he didn't have a lot of experience that although he did study under turnovers are a few years. We -- at the money is a consideration that makes those two situations almost kind of hard to compare. But one thing that I think is instinct if if cal Ripken is interest in the job they have to give an interview right you can't not give cal Ripken in your shirt I. Also have to know. What that's going to be -- PR standpoint and now. You weigh in you can iron one now what we were already so it's a delicate on something that is very carefully. Also is Mike Rizzo is very close and that's the stuff he does not like that offered details of all what he's doing. So that makes it on our -- to try to report these things that will be curious how much does -- -- -- out. CSN Washington dot com.

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