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Ripken Jr. talks managing with Dan Patrick



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Thu, 10 Oct 2013|

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CSN Washington dot com golf in the Orioles hall of Famer you make some headlines here count. Yeah I you know eagle on rich -- podcast in the eighth -- and managing now all of a sudden I got columnist for the Washington Post talking about you managing. Once you just cannot say I I would like to manage. It feels like you want to you're waiting for somebody to and you wanna be asked. Not well but I think you have to be asked not to I'm not lobbying -- any any stretch of the imagination. A -- on my name out there but. It is interesting is the everyone ask me you know -- there yet managed to come back. And -- same and -- been very consistent with my answered all the way through his. Further this time period in my life. You know -- -- government can stop because that was my focus and I mean over the years and I've retired -- Conversations with baseball general managers from time to time they've asked me if I wanted to interview for managing job. And was in the right time and in your life I was intrigued but it is not really willing to to do it why go through -- process suburbs so. Now that I'm a different phase in my life. If somebody were to have a conversation with your summer -- would have talked about right for a a spot -- didn't explore it up but I don't know prior wood who but I would take it from its I'm Smart enough to stay out bloodless and it is interesting how -- -- You know little things about me. You know from my perspective has been very consistent all the way across the board. -- create a lot of momentum here and because I mean -- react to it but. Yes somebody wanted me or or somebody's thought that I'd be right for the position. And at this stage in my life prevalent from. What would make a good manager. The first Arafat be it would be any good baseball got. They get a no elbow or triple. Then. And know how it all comes together. Are you decent. I think overall impatient in -- because I if I needed day off. Are you going to be lenient with me even though you you never took days off. Yes of course. Each speech the manager has to have a relationship pressed to understand each each and every player on this team. And understand what his contribution -- -- -- what what what makes him go for. Spend what his -- -- But more important be in a manager managing the game or managing people personalities he goes. I think there's two parts of mean you have a big part about managing people will be your throat or Joseph Torre probably was -- -- -- to eat at you but in the end are still strategies and evaluations and who who is via your everyday players who were your role players comfortable and calm composed. You know I -- -- just when you're winning and this is when you're losing -- how often can they pitch. I mean the -- strategies in the game that your decisions as a manager affects your ability to win the next game. So you have to be able conscious of all of us so yeah it's about managing people and getting them to pull in the right direction -- CSN Washington dot com.