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Frank Beamer on Pitt: "Tough type of kids"



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  6. Bristol Motor Speedway2:04
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Thu, 10 Oct 2013|

Machine Generated Transcript

CSN Washington dot com. Joining us now is Virginia Tech head coach Frank Beamer. Coach following last weekends when it's North Carolina you returned to the top 25. Do you want your guys to take pride in that or forget about it and keep working. On is. A week to week you know right now we're in the process -- Kinda Lou obvious go to football team is and can. Play a lot of young guys in the you know we don't talk about the rankings very much we just try to slow play better game this week than we did last week and -- -- -- This week union hosts Pittsburgh in what is now -- conference matchup how much does last year's loss motivate you for this Saturday. Well. The the reality of it is we went out there and and now we were ranked at the time and another is to get to us and say yeah. -- young men are over are rare and gives us it's kept us from run. And you know just took a right to us so. You know I think when you play Pittsburgh you play on channel and continued playing. Very tough like that kid. There they're well coached and so you know he goes -- together in the got a. Global. Logan Thomas is now the school's all time leading passer he's been a lot of ups and downs in Blacksburg what is his perseverance say about your quarterback. Well he's had a lot of ups the for us and we film and have a -- He's our leader should guided the -- That never gets rattled. You know he's really series of very same whether it's good or bad you could tell these these same enough I think he's tremendous quarterback he's talented and Smart and competitive than none. Tremendous Cordoba. I know your focus is on this weekend but a couple of big events have been announced recently he got a Labor Day match up against Ohio State 2015. And it's going to be officials soon. I'm meeting against Tennessee in 2016. At Bristol Motor Speedway which can seat 150000. Fans that's pretty incredible. Newton. Is to be a part of a game like that to be the largest crowd ever to watch your football game. That that's. Career and need right there are so. In course allies say well better programs in the country -- and our fans of the champions on the both of those announcements. Coach we always appreciate your time best of luck this weekend update -- things. CSN Washington dot com.

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