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NFL analyst Cris Collinsworth weighs in on RGIII's recovery



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Thu, 10 Oct 2013|

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CSN Washington dot com. I think there he's still a little hesitant to drive off his back leg when you watch him play that back leg when he throws comes off the ground. And I think this week at the end of the Raiders game it didn't -- -- he started driving the ball a little bit more and I actually think a couple times that he he ran the football and got hit pretty hard and came. Out of that fine and wasn't hurt was almost like hey maybe this thing really doesn't need my protection -- why but. Physically he showed signs of confidence and that the at the end of that game that I hadn't -- Pretty interesting point dog do you agree. Well there's some believe me if anything and from the new progression Robert mistaken and that is true. But you know Robert I call RG three moments now on board when he had one. The places he takes a breath out of an arena now he's had and from unfortunate. Once you fall below one great run they had a hold of bill that was questionable for your golf club which was questionable so he's gonna get one of these and is gonna count. And once it -- again. You see everybody just lifted up by that's what Robert breakthrough table he has like most great players the ability. To make everyone around him better. CSN Washington dot com.