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4 Downs: Will we see more of the read-option vs. Cowboys?



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  2. Tony romo's1:20
  3. Dez Bryant0:59, 1:13, 1:18
  4. Fred Davis1:35, 1:45, 1:58
  5. Robert Griffin0:32, 1:59
  6. Niles Paul1:58
  7. Reed1:36, 1:46, 1:57
  8. Cowboys0:23
  9. defensive coordinator1:29
  10. special teams2:27
Thu, 10 Oct 2013|

Machine Generated Transcript

CSN Washington dot com team announced average to go four downs and our very own chick Hernandez who joins us from a very wet Redskins park. -- thanks for being with us. But -- Bartlett -- first on -- -- Redskins had a great deal of success with the read option last season against Dallas. In fact -- ran for total 443. Yards against the Cowboys in that game. Can we expect anymore read option -- I would think so Jenks in the two games at sweep last year. The Robert Griffin the third threw for four touchdowns in the first game. Out for more show ran for three touchdowns in the second game the read option certainly works but that Dallas defense -- -- -- for a 43 might present some problems the Redskins. But on all I think it's predicated on how good Robert feels put his -- body the more comfortably feels the board read option we'll see I think we'll see more. Redskins -- confident putting DeAngelo Hall on the opponent's top wide receivers so second down Dez Bryant is one of the NFL's hottest receivers. The Redskins are putting the ball one on one of that. -- they won't saying yeah. Yeah or nay on that particular better believe that that the into the hall as lobbying to take Dez Bryant one on one last year Dez look. Kind of raked in the first game Dez Bryant 85 yard touchdown the longest touchdown Tony romo's career but. That's a student -- the hall loves and thrives on playing on us on the night game. From a national audience has to hasn't set the defensive coordinator the players usually want that role. But -- tells me. Hi Fred Davis as well as Jordan Reed and Logan Paulsen as far as injuries are concerned when it comes to this battered unit who will be playing on Sunday. I think you'll see Fred Davis for sure Jordan Reed for sure they practiced all week. They're good to go walk Paulson has that me at the pilot get better is limited practice right now so he may be ready to most of the night we don't know yet. Certainly Jordan Reed Fred Davis Niles Paul they'll be there for Robert Griffin the third. Support that we've got to watch out for the fumble Bruschi. Rob Jackson and Jarvis -- in the back for the Redskins coming off their four game suspension. How much playing time you expect these two players keep getting down. That is still under evaluation mr. Jacobs coaches that say -- wanna see how those guys recover from this week's practice Thursday Friday. They'll have a better feel rob Jackson said. I don't know if I'll address it by dress I'm sure I'll be on special teams how much linebacker I'll play and keep in mind Jenks both chickens and rob Jackson could not be with the squad. They haven't game planned for TV in four weeks so that's gonna -- to them. I'm relatively new to them as figuratively out. That's it before downs thanks so much to our sharply dressed. Thank you. CSN Washington dot com.

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