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Are the Redskins in a must-win situation?



  1. DeAngelo Hall1:27
  2. Dez Bryant1:05
  3. Cowboys0:09, 0:50, 1:33
  4. Oakland0:44
  5. Dallas1:34
  6. Washington0:02, 0:16, 1:38
  7. NFC east0:39, 0:57
  8. rib injury0:44
Thu, 10 Oct 2013|

Machine Generated Transcript

CSN Washington dot com. Sunday's game against the Cowboys isn't a must win for the Redskins but at one and three it's about as close as it gets. Coming off -- -- Washington simply must figure out how to get a big W in big deep. Here three story lines to keep an eye on this week. It's just really a must win of course not the Redskins can't be eliminated Sunday their season won't be over if they lose. But it will be hard to imagine any team rallying from a one and -- deficit particularly when two of those losses are against teams in the woeful NFC east. Albert -- said he expects to be on the field at AT&T stadium after suffering a rib injury in Oakland and helping Morse could be the key to a Redskins victories. In two games against the Cowboys last season. -- rushed for a total of 313 yards including a 200 yard effort in the NFC east clinching win last December. Morse also scored four touchdowns in those game. Paul sucked down Dez Bryant again the Redskins hopes might depend on. Bryant of course is off to a strong start this season he ranks second in receiving touchdowns with six and is sixth -- yards after the catch with 183. In the teams' last meeting Paul was assigned to cover Bryant and he limited the cowboys' star to Fort -- -- 71 yards and no touchdowns. DeAngelo Hall is gonna need another strong effort against Bryant if the Redskins are gonna have any shot at beating the Cowboys Sunday night. In Dallas. CSN Washington dot com.

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