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Rich Tandler and Larry Michael talk Redskins Cowboys



  1. Barry Cofield2:48, 3:33
  2. DeAngelo Hall2:12
  3. Jason Witten3:51
  4. Tony Romo2:04, 2:26
  5. Peyton Manning2:02
  6. Dez Bryant2:14, 3:52
  7. DeMarco Murray3:37
  8. rich Taylor0:14
  9. interception return0:53
  10. season finale1:28
Thu, 10 Oct 2013|

Machine Generated Transcript

CSN Washington dot com. Redskins park Redskins nation presented by prospect depth now is rich Taylor to get them. Washington dot com and he's been a couple days is listening to the Redskins here practice back but the risk is getting set for Dallas. When -- gonna happen. Rich wow find new era ended it's just been. The NFL in general is such a week to week kind of proposition you know just look at who they're playing the Cowboys. They went out in on Sunday kind of you know lit up the Broncos defense 48 points almost won it there at the end. And then but then you look week before that gets the Chargers a mediocre. Defense had -- one ranked 27 in terms of yards allowed. The office managed fourteen points to get there the seven points on up an interception return that lost third and 21 so. Who knows what else team's gonna tell isn't gonna show up -- I think we've seen steady improvement from the Redskins week to week but are they get up. You all of a sudden burst out or they maybe they gonna read regroup and take just take a step back you just don't know honestly. Everybody is preaching ground game ground game ground game keep -- all the feel that puts up big yardage redskins' defense. Has had some issues this year is that that's double what. It's great game but to set up the passing game you know it I don't think in the NFL you can win any game they're very rare. You know I don't think maybe that the season finale last year when -- ran for 200 charges -- exception. But -- you got a -- many games just keeping it on the ground what the Redskins game is keeping me on the ground. And kill the you know that's what the other team -- is gonna happen and then boom play action pass. You know. And and beyond things like that so that's what yeah that's what they have to you'd have to run well enough so. That the other bring safeties up in the boxing -- not play action then that really opens up the whole playbook. No come up with a few weeks residents get a -- Denver to take off Peyton Manning and the Broncos this week it's Tony Romo you know what to expect to have the Redskins defense handle it. -- -- Again a lot of it you know I we're talking to DeAngelo Hall on Monday about about defending Dez Bryant he said hey. It's not easy he's done pretty well against it but that the key is you know stick whether instead the entire play the entire day and you can't get distract you can't say. All the legal help tackle Tony Romo can you take that one -- one false step. And Bryant's blown past series got the that the margin he needs to. He needs to be so you know I think you'll see you know hauler whoever is covering them known them all back to the hole and make sure okay the play's over now go back -- my son. You all expect college college talk about the Redskins defense one of the leaders. Barry Cofield whether the -- a solid football he says the Redskins -- -- It's -- yeah I got here. Once green arrows are different companies and he walked him again. You know. I think this team is confident go to spark -- starter. Among the we have a lot of confidence in general. -- -- trust the the plan that we don't think that's the biggest thing. We have a lot of faith in our coaches we have a lot of faith in our front office. We love our -- and we -- a real a lot of heart character and are so you know relied on so when you wanted to have that type of a mindset. But I -- trust and faith. You know news do you very reluctant to crumble your overlooking yeah. Mark Barry Cofield to the Redskins locker room what that you know they're gonna try to do obviously is stifled DeMarco Murray who -- not run wild. The whole lot of all purpose yards. Although wanting -- that Barry -- did point out is. Yeah you make them one dimensional which is five to that dimension includes a guy who can throw for 500 yards on you. You know Jason Witten and Dez Bryant so you know it's it's kind of pick your poison kind of kind of aspect that. You know I think the other way to got to do is stop the run. Make the tackles in the passing game that's a key that's a big guys and breaks a tackle from yup Selig. But you know uptick in the games -- get the park and look at this right here with 179 games ago I've got a magic number of what 74. -- Whoa whoa whoa whoa we're talking about here where -- mean there's. Twelve -- let the -- October. Don't do shoveled dirt on me yet. -- got a magic number you don't. Let. Yeah I thought I hadn't -- -- calculator but I will I or. -- statement tomorrow. But we'll see you okay. Yet there's are still loose hear the -- Who is your colleague that you get nothing done today because there isn't going to be proud of the crowd in Pittsburgh for the whole. I appreciate -- -- Check out CSN Washington dot com okay. And up next the -- moment. CSN Washington dot com.

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