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Redskins aren't underestimating Tony Romo



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Fri, 11 Oct 2013|

Machine Generated Transcript

CSN Washington dot com. Coming into the week most of the talk about the Cowboys and his run their offense and what they did that. To Denver 500 plus yards. Then again Tony romo's late game interception and while Redskins nation would love they put Romo and the interceptions. The Redskins team. Ain't buying it he gets such. And unfair and unjust bad rap I -- did that held a football players like get paid so much money this off season so it's he's he's really got to mean people wanna I wanna. Blame him for that interception on Sunday means they're for 500 yards and five touchdowns it's like yeah he made one bad throw and it cost somebody you know he's his ankle player. In all but one of their five games Tony Romo has thrown for multiple touchdown. But it's not his arm that maybe is most dangerous -- Tony for whatever reason has that. An innate sense to just feel when guys -- there and there's just subtle movements that it makes Sosa the coaches told us against Tony this week. It's got to be be careful you don't jump on leaders because he'll -- you have to leave your feet go for his upfield shoulder and just keep him in the pocket. Give you a little rushed for. 456. Seconds you know normally balls or for worse parenting tour recycles. But he's almost in a place you have to -- -- -- -- you have to rotate. The guys in your entire chase tomorrow you know for 50s60s elsewhere. Excuse -- trust the guy behind me. This'll be the one Murton seventh meeting in this storied rivalry and hasn't always beneath it yes it is fan driven the players. Feel to downplay it throughout the week because you have to you came to see him -- you know the game to the game get your -- Come game day and come east opponent feel you -- is on May feel different. By being used that particular game is especially Sunday you know -- and I'm pretty sure they get a foot that we get -- CSN Washington dot com.

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