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Smoot vs. Springs: Biggest football rivalry?



  1. Tony Romo1:12
  2. Tom Landry2:00
  3. NCAA football3:30
  4. arts and crafts0:25
  5. Cowboys0:08, 0:35, 0:43
  6. Woody Hayes2:29
  7. college football2:18, 2:25, 2:57
  8. legendary coach1:59
  9. black belt2:28
  10. fan club1:13
Thu, 10 Oct 2013|

Machine Generated Transcript

Csnwashington.com. That both of you guys are very familiar. With Dallas week that Cowboys and Redskins rivalry. But there's another rivalry that's real close to your heart and that's of course the Ohio State Michigan rivalry now I have to say before we get started I did not make scenes. Fancy cards for nothing we're gonna play another game that and I need you guys really make the most out of my arts and crafts efforts here. Yes you lost both of the first two rounds of the show and I eat a compelling argument. Which is the rivalry is it skins Cowboys or is -- Ohio State. Mission and when -- on speak now they'll hold my peace. Hit it and it's great skiing Cowboys let me get. In daily double in sports in America in the world so right now what I'm about two and all of these teams. To a -- most history reads seeing the Cowboys to raise its game I've played and I've failed it. I breathe -- -- Brady I've Johnson. How everybody is there any way to cap was raised in that England compared to -- they'll. -- us all right follow up question for you -- -- could be and the Tony Romo fan club know them but yeah I know that they're. -- -- -- -- earlier and you believe you had please clear that up. For no I would ask questions. And when you walk -- moves question you have to you have -- bars and I have the truth and we have right now probably won't always play better than a lot of wins in the NFC's right now and he wants to speak to -- record yet things went in about -- -- I'm -- -- -- was a better team is set up to go when you're not this -- team to -- game -- -- -- -- in the -- -- not a -- -- faith that you there's no question I gave -- there I. I can't -- you're not I'm not. Yeah I think that's. And admitted -- realistic though they know the truth about you and your pay us -- the Cowboys. Well that just got that I grew up in the cowboys' locker room that is true my father. Play for the Cowboys speak when legendary coach Tom Landry damp breeze -- would -- to stop bad break -- -- all of those guys had the privilege to be on balls out of the argument. Well I'll do love the Cowboys because my dad but also -- -- -- -- a Redskins because the the system and. So I'll understand our probably. Conflict college football and their two greatest alumni association. Programs in college football. You know so we'll see a black belt Woody Hayes you know serve in my -- I was working as a national championship the cradle of coaches in Ohio. Ohio State Michigan game 12 o'clock every year we look forward to that using the national ten championship game of golf to Columbus or Michigan. Maybe you've been SEC have I mean it's true run that I will say this. There's nothing life. Students and 400000 people in the stands and that college football atmosphere is the best -- game is about okay is that takes DC. Vs the whole state that takes DT vs the entire state of Texas this daddy's theory. How you are going to be there -- I would college students. How do you gonna be some is being here some this north south some -- so different. No it -- -- would bottle comes I mean I Mikell like Agassi's most point as far heart for him understand he went to community college yeah Assad. In Iraq I. I know where he's coming probably don't have the NCAA football yeah obviously yeah yeah. But the thing at all any credit -- about Lakers there. All right gentlemen this is a tough one. But I don't even know what a buckeye is some have to go with a little. Bit. CSN Washington dot com.

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