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Shanahan preps for huge game vs. Cowboys



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Fri, 11 Oct 2013|

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CSN Washington dot com toward a starter Tony Romo -- any sort of made the comparison for me to John Elway early on in his career was. Consistently the guy who couldn't win the big one year after year after year that's when you hear from Tony Romo is that a fair. Assessment. His place in the game right now. Well first of all community always -- and Super Bowl Clemson. He compared to John when John first go to Denver this though he never won a playoff game where you know portable game. I think was Stanford band vs Cahill and or they lost that game and then you know critical playoff games and when we win those games and so what -- few Super Bowls and that's all you can win a playoff game but scale in the big -- and John fought through that -- -- career. And all of a sudden those last two years is able to you know get the job done. Can't say anymore so at the end of the day everybody wants he went to England and I was able to. I was talking with Jim has a few minutes ago he said look bottom line is trying to Tony Romo on my team I want my kids and keep that kind of corners yet franchise changing quarterback. Until he's a great Cordoba. Can you throw for 500 yards and do what -- did -- -- agree quarterback he's a great feel for the game he can escape intimate place. But at the end of the day you're always judged on championships. Like or not it's fair not fair but you're asking me if Tony's actually quarterback is an excellent quarterback and -- quarterbacks can make plays under not territory can do that. We saw that last year in Dallas really got back contain me to play it -- -- gamblers have gone for a long touchdown. How do you teach it to the guys to stay in coverage for 78 seconds when they used three and four and at the same time. You guys up front the plays just not never overlook this. Well I think the key is -- guys up front you know you can't look horrible outside you can look inside you have to contain some but it's hard to do. Because as you saw last week he's got to really make plays. In their step up from the pocket or should pretend like he's definitely -- That's been out there one direction or the other and does a great job both it was an out and still focused downfield and make a play. When people receivers might just be a little bit open. Most teams like yourself. Need to establish the run can't be one dimensional -- Denver New England that it just sort of grant in the run a lot we can do it. What else is getting closer that out there aren't a lot of empty back sets. Does that entice you don't want to blitz more recruits is not a lot of help -- -- She's so good and so quick Romo. That you have to not get sucked in. Well I think sometimes people lose perspective do you think in Denver doesn't try to run the ball you'd think that I don't think that's true. They really believe in trying to keep balance because I understand that if you get a one dimensional game and chances are even if you throw for. Former trainer 55 or yards you don't necessarily win so you have to have that helps. -- New -- their best years is when they did have themselves. What's around the past. But when you get a quarterback that. The defense is afraid if they're gonna run the ball. And they decide to throw it and they play that way you can have big days like it will have -- I know coaches -- We -- -- -- that you can take it anyway you want but when the Cowboys run DiMarco -- twenty times where they -- ten and now. He doesn't run the ball. Much when he -- and don't give him the rock that often. But how much better are -- when he. You get to go well what happens normally your head until he gets. You know the carries so at the end of the day. Maybe in the last score against five or 67 period anyway normally get that -- between Kerry -- I should talk about that type of balance you can't put all approach pressure on one guy he'd like to distribute that pressure -- Yeah everybody go do their job -- freedom one. I was just watching very special and LT -- I grew up in New York Haiti's here's the best football player I ever saw changed the and we all -- that. DiMarco where now. He's being more 43. His numbers as far as being on the field -- downed Bristol got four sacks he's still got having fifteen cornerback. Pressures. This is we get -- -- where you have to game plan where he is on the field at all times like question is that type of that. -- can they look at film little -- at tackle that's just not ready and blinked his arms and his power just push at tackle right back and the quarterback can see it time and time again. They all certainly seems to. Love these -- -- it against that pride just -- I have to hear his best games last year against him getting his ear a little bit. Do you look at a game like this and sort of feel. Are -- ready for this. Well you know he Bryant's going to be ready you know -- can be ready he's our competitors she's there you know pro is -- to believe in each other. They wanna get the job done especially in the prime time Sunday night game so they're looking forward to the challenge and the deal is I'm -- -- as well. There's always players are always looking for some sort of locker. Material chalkboard material and Brandon Carr of the Cowboys certainly -- this week said -- not the same guys this year. Do you want him to hear that do you want him to use that as he gets ready for this game. I don't think Robert needs and any motivation if you want to -- -- -- play the best game he's picked cable playing. -- a lot of those last year and Ernie once say you know play the top of his game. All you can do this play Orioles great games and actually quite people. I ask this to Kyle earlier forget a 100% because players are never a 100% forget what he was last year. How much closer is he now to being. Competent than me and healthy enough that he can do all the things that this team needs him to do to maybe out Stewart why don't. He is a problem to me he would be playing if he did have a confident -- us. I think your conference and there should be out there -- -- -- put somebody else -- -- -- -- toughness me. Players always say coming back from injuries. That you have to realize what you can and can't do and that's the issue do you feel he. Trust that he can do all the things that he's accustomed to that -- question. Alfred Morris is RCU. Wanna run him as much as possible his numbers are down this year does it become a concerted effort that. For a first couple games he's got so far behind so quickly. This game flow always dictate where will their viewpoint it's just a concerted effort to get him going to get to a -- Well his numbers are down yeah I mean she's averaging more this year than he did last year. But when you do get behind in games here -- hurry up offense you're not gonna get -- normal carries but usually overseas and that does it averages out. We were behind like we were in the first two games all of last season so we have we -- going to -- mode. But I believe those curious -- will average out. Getting rob Jackson actor or seconds it's their decision been made on whether or not they addressed this weekend if they do it just the fact that having him back. More numbers throw out there more depth. -- Well you always want your players to to begin the year that would be gross you know be one of the torn when guys on the offensive torn when guys in defense and you know rob well those guys jar jar -- guys. Unable both have pretty good weeks of practice and that'll have to sit down here tomorrow and decide which guys where are gonna have forever 21 but it does take you a little while to get back to put bush it. Does the fact tackling. Has been an issue this year. So -- a little bit because at this level -- would tackling. You know tackling was an issue at every level coming together and you gotta do it for some great players out there. Last couple games we tackle voter and we took way to -- running game in Detroit. We took away the running game. Fairly well against -- Raiders we've put them one dimensional game part of the reason why we got dissection of turnovers we did. When you look at Barry Cofield. Is he the best top two or three nose tackles in the game right now. I think everybody get differences of opinion a little Derrek Lee plays Julio itself the way it works. I don't let them play on our football team and everybody else to decide who's this I know it's early in the season but the fact that if you win this game. -- I think in first place at this point. Despite the start you after the season is that something that's important to this team knowing that. But there's a long ways to go despite an early result our football team understand this is a long season and we've got twelve games left in the regular season. Fuller play our best football regardless you wanna play well you always want to win the games but. More importantly you wanna winning games and play well so -- -- season goes on here -- get better than you can. Achieved the ultimate goal thereafter. CSN Washington dot com.

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