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Caps buried by Avalanche, 5-1



  1. Alex Tanguay0:12
  2. John Carlson's0:18
  3. Avalanche0:21
  4. Weaver0:20
  5. Colorado0:55, 1:08
  6. Washington0:02, 0:57, 1:52
  7. Obama1:01
  8. power play0:40
  9. bright spot0:56
Sat, 12 Oct 2013|

Machine Generated Transcript

CSN Washington dot com. And they're horrible hall of famers. Folks and Patrick -- On the attack early Alex Tanguay gets the puck on the left side. Fires it's -- for John Carlson's stick and beat Michael Weaver Avalanche jump out to them early when nothing. Under six to go in the first match shape flying down the right way. -- -- Guess if you I thought his stick and beat him to be full size three goals. Of the early season for the speedy center second period of on the power play balls that he. Behind the net and they've been here. That's the goal his first. And early in the third then gave from a sharp angle. And fires the risk there is that the second goal of the game. For nothing Colorado one bright spot for Washington is their fair. Get the feed from Jason remember and he truly Obama tomorrow. But just over twenty seconds. Later just twenty seconds later Colorado take advantage of it really hard to break David did scores his third of the year for a long long. Has forty saves against his former team. How Ronald remains undefeated pats -- the contest. Yeah of course and they don't wanna hear right now it and that's that's why you don't go in there I mean. As a as a coach you don't win every it was too emotional guys have set some as -- for sure your mad. You know and they have to deal with the guys -- as soon as possible and sometimes -- is -- obvious answer. Done tomorrow we will talk about it and we'll hopefully recently said it. CSN Washington dot com.

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