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Rob Jackson talks about his first game back



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Mon, 14 Oct 2013|

Machine Generated Transcript

CSN Washington dot com. I checked -- -- first let's start with deposits you coming back today and get a lot of action. But even -- with an interception how would you rate your performance. Home of the ultra productive -- came into the game not enormous that's all gonna get I -- I think agree that a snaps you know. They didn't sign a new home. You know I'd be forgot who might Russ is my drops haven in coming up together I think they're pretty good not pretty comfortable. Home the first couple snaps Mark Russell quit. And just build on that. Overall you hold Romo down like he did. The halted a great job on Dez Bryant definitely yeah do you rate the defense to certainly if there's one aspect that lost this game tonight did not seem to do it. I think we came along word -- it came a long way from off from where we've been and I think we're gonna continue to build. Like I said no we we did contain you know a high power offered him and you know from my office but it doesn't they gave you a week before December. And I think -- only get better you know we got to the got a lot of things work on special teams. Home you know offerings on notice not enough now what do you pay for a book you know special teams defense a sort of do in you know that's mop up when viewed as we do. Special teams is certainly an issue tonight over 200 yards in returns. Your first game back and a handful of plays. But can you pinpoint what's wrong right now. Not I mean I can't you know I can do was. You know bring my performance and having to do that needs to do home. When I was doing teams are got to watch the film see what it was overall not a lot -- and I'm at my watch film -- all -- households who. You know saw most of it Milosevic. One for now this is it a deep hole you got to create for yourself what's the feeling in the locker. On -- the same positive staying positive you know we got take it week by week you can't get down just did. Home that you get worse didn't get worse you know to do was -- -- triangle from here in a -- and that's the most important guys in question throughout. It was I don't know Roddick isn't what Braves -- Are -- -- that afternoon. Right. Hired if it was gone around and you know -- -- -- came -- reviewed it thought about four or five. Right now I got a guy they wanted him and I know how things like you can tell my -- boy what the leaders. Things that locker room right now to hear about it man only win the next game that we're about anything if. How well I mean like you say you know you're gonna locker room -- locker room -- -- you know for a couple years myself. Places though you don't be -- as a leader. It's almost you know we got to do keep our head up home. You know that we've we've been here before older guys that I've been around here for a while. We know we got to we can't we can't get down the go to -- a lot more games left and got to keep playing. There are -- that -- appreciate time here on read his post game live safe trip back will you get to Chicago Bears. CSN Washington dot com.

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