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  1. Doug Gabriel2:09
  2. Reche Caldwell2:10
  3. Gary Kubiak2:48, 3:22
  4. Jabar Gaffney2:11
  5. Rodney Harrison1:16
  6. Indianapolis Colts2:21
  7. Tom Brady1:49
  8. GM0:09
  9. Ray Rice0:42
  10. Scott Pioli0:10
Mon, 14 Oct 2013|

Machine Generated Transcript

CSN Washington dot com I'm not a play four downs for topics from the NFL what that we say hello former. NFL GM Scott Pioli Scott good to see how are you. Do while Chris things are you I'm doing great here we go let's start with first down it was another disappointing day. For the Ravens offense on Sunday just 47 yards rushing and Torrey Smith with one catch. Against the Packers question you Scott what is the biggest problem facing Joseph Flacco and company from your perspective. What right now looks like the biggest problems they're facing is just an overall lack of consistency and that's what the offensive line play it's what Joe's play. It's with the receivers and an inning with Ray Rice is just an overall lack of consistency there isn't letting him get into his groove. To keep things rolling. Bard's second down now the Redskins dropped one and four in Dallas ball RG three look a little worn nimble. If that he's looked all season long -- middle Braddock in terms of throwing the football especially in the second half against the Cowboys. What is your take on fourteen threes performance after week six. What it is a couple things that is the fact is they need is not where it needs to be and if it even if it is here. Where it needs to be. He's just not performing -- great conferences Rodney Harrison was told me. You know he had a very similar injury and you just the lack the mental confidence. From what you can do what you see is he he's not setting his feet. The way it used to -- over compensating for certain things and under compensated for other things. So maybe he's starting to move a little bit more -- still not playing -- being in his mechanics overall just a very very different than what they were previously. Guard on the -- down now big game of the day yesterday happen in Foxboro between the Saints and Patriots. I think it's safe to say. No quarterback does more with less than Tom Brady who led his team to victory. In the final seconds. Would you characterize what he's doing this season with a little town -- of receiving corps. As his most impressive season so far as an NFL -- Back with what you die it's either this season knowing you know several years ago actually when I was in knowing what Tommy. We knew we created is Doug Gabriel Reche Caldwell Jabar Gaffney and a bunch of guys who really hadn't done anything and -- your. You know he took our teams in the AFC championship game where we lost to these. On the ultimate Super Bowl champion Indianapolis Colts. This season was very sore today in terms of the tools that he has but do -- Tommy -- we somehow finds a way he's really remarkable. What -- They have now our report board on fourth down it's officially. Ugly in Houston with Matt -- injury and it garnered applause from my hometown fans could TJ Yates. -- didn't fare much better my question do you Scott how do you see the rest of this season playing outbreak coach Gary Kubiak and company. Well again for the team overall I don't know where they go from here and it's going to be it's already been a long season you use an unfortunate things that can. Continue to get longer because now has a lot of people. -- you know that are just looking for a lot of answers in the starting to point fingers and blame. -- -- very frustrated team you know. Not only with the offense drives -- problems on defense they've got two of the best defensive players in the National Football League. And that's not coming together either if it's just the whole thing is turn into real hot best out of you censorship and there's a lot of good people out there I think Gary Kubiak is a great coach. I also think that Rick Smith is a tremendous general manager -- got a great owner. Now what's happened -- -- sometimes things are just unexplainable they start and bad directions. You can't correct -- you can every says but for whatever reason. CSN Washington dot com.

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