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Full highlights from the Caps win over the Oilers



  1. Joel Ward1:07
  2. Edmonton0:10, 0:14
  3. Red Sox0:44
  4. Hornets0:42
  5. Baghdad1:33
  6. Washington0:02, 2:41
  7. neutral zone0:13
  8. power play1:14
  9. gain momentum1:19
Mon, 14 Oct 2013|

Machine Generated Transcript

CSN Washington dot com. -- with the -- trying to get back to their winning ways with -- will be in net against Edmonton. First period cap trouble in the neutral zone. Edmonton in transition. Justin Schultz. It's former capital foreign born in the middle and -- told me -- that Oilers. -- awkward moment in the period for my great. Bruney going to head over heels in the division at -- worst thing that Jack that's not ideal. No it's not looks like what we saw last night but there -- that the Hornets honored tumbling into the Red Sox dugout last night's ALCS game. -- -- Capps reports yet as the boy we've struggled to clear stabilize it looks like in front he -- -- hundred -- -- -- barber if it were tied at one. And life I'm glad to have that out of my first opens march 22 passing second period after the felt like keep an eye on -- backs right there. He needs Joel Ward back door but a one timer. -- ticket to one lead -- Oilers they have struggled on the power play and they've got him at. Capitals continuing to gain momentum back in the attack. Backstroke quarterback in the outfits. Sets up old beat the shot so why but it gets another chance -- -- Will not miss the second time around is Baghdad. His sixth of the season and that makes it. It's 43 seconds later the capitals back with a powerful. Back who starts messing. -- -- So open and it destroyed row with the finish three straight goals off three straight shots. Back from Beckham going to second period there yet the hall for all three goals in the second Alan may. The second period was all necklace back from did what I had to do it he's a playmaker. He went out fairly soft cast -- players were getting open they knew we had the mode of going tonight. -- in the past results -- everyone -- -- one timers when he was on the -- great -- the puck possession all game by him. And a great job -- finish excellent all around game by their back from like getting guys on the board. They're really got things started to get fifty OB ticket out in front of the net but interference. It's called him retaliatory hit on my ground. We -- and gets involved five million -- doubt it'll happen pick up that win fourteen. CSN Washington dot com.

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