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Otto Porter says 'no timetable' for his return



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Tue, 15 Oct 2013|

Machine Generated Transcript

CSN Washington dot com. -- -- Obviously things didn't start also -- the way you'd like it to us to talk about the injury and though where you are and what the prognosis is so far. -- good nagging injuries have been boomed and just playing pick so. But right now as you -- just trying to to not getting much in his singles are some way to. No it's do it -- or selling advanced. Anytime during. -- -- -- Do you come off a great year big east player of the year you showed a lot of skills. Talk about the talent that you bring to this team and I you -- -- feel like it'll heal up. Don't -- my games to translate -- this thing you know. Has rebounded. An official ball off you know from person -- surpass. Only those of us have -- in Arizona. You played a little guard in the summer league what was that experience like. Thought I was -- spring and is in no plans to different positions in. I was differ from but it also -- me you know just wanted to different Rose. Emphasis I tell Martin. Well on we want you to get back -- the real quick in the hustling Sierra after playing definitely it's an. CSN Washington dot com.

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