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Wed, 16 Oct 2013|

Machine Generated Transcript

CSN Washington dot com. By prospect captives are good Frederick Hamburg and CSN Washington dot com. And of course the Redskins -- the date with the Bears Bears are four and two pretty good football team. I believe that mark trust that has made a big difference with Jay Cutler what do you think. Obviously he has he's on pace for. More yards for more touchdowns fewer interceptions and better quarterback rating than ever has in his career and and that hasn't done much more. Got a Redskins last week coming off their best defensive performance of the year. Allowing 231. Yards but they allowed only 300 yards -- kick returns punt returns. And penalties well. Much as the defense improved. A considerably I mean you consider you know you look at the games against Philadelphia and the and the Packers. You know they they couldn't stop anybody on the tackling still there's some there's some misses here and there especially that first drive for the Cowboys I thought. Where this where they went down scored a touchdown when they did that -- like oh here we go. But they've but they're not done an interception on the next the next possession -- rob Jackson Josh Wilson tipped it in the air. And it -- date to get their feet under him work on their met. Yeah well those steps it's a week to week. Thing you know right in this league looks like the special teams are doing okay April on the and they handed disastrous Sunday in in Dallas after pretty bad block out there and Oakland so. He just he just can't tell. Everybody that watches Redskins nation knows I'm a big supporter of number 23 the end to -- I have been. For many years since he got here actually I really like the guy. I like the way he carries himself that's that. Live right out of Mike Shanahan playbook and I like his confidence level especially gets top receivers why doesn't he get his due. I because I think. I think any quarterback. All quarterbacks in the league just about you're not named Revis and even -- he gets burned everyone's -- Are gonna get Bard I think people tend to remember fans especially. Remember that time and get burned. And maybe when you're chasing the guy into the end zone maybe he's not your guy -- the safety play on this team has been been skittish at best over us. How pumped does DeAngelo -- just about. On so you know I think dose of the pitchers the kind of freeze in your mind and not win they did he just doesn't -- probably probably just doesn't throw to Dez Bryant because. He had those -- locked down pretty well. Our last week. I said it every everybody economy predictions on the game set at the Redskins need to run the full ball to win the game he gets what they did they run the the football they have over -- yards rushing. What was that not enough offensively. And then adding another thirty yards were Robert got -- got in -- where -- penalties for hitting Robert out of -- that was really you know really the hidden hidden yardage there was a lot more than that. Yeah but they weren't the kind of runs and you know I'm I don't wanna complain about Alfred Morris is game after a little bit heat on real Redskins that comfort for doing this -- -- -- more. If I could -- you know -- 81 yards. 45 came on one run record which is fine and then that's great got a touchdown that's what you need to do. But on his other I believe it was fifteen -- he averaged about a yard and a half two yards the kind of you know the -- -- is really gonna help this team is consistent. Three yards five yards seven yards and a second three. Move the chains running like that and that that's what we did not see on Sunday especially when I got in the got in the red zone. They hit and -- for the third looked a lot faster than they had over the first four years 77 yards rushing and again. Yet in the history thirtieth at 215 yard penalties just over a hundred yards -- game from from from his legs. Essentially -- Yeah looked a lot better -- around the pocket a little more. Passes seemed to -- the a little bit off I think you know it's still that recovery is still a work in progress it's not an idea. A smooth curve upward you know -- gonna kind of come together and bits and pieces don't. You know hopefully against the Bears he can now you put together a little bit more. CSN Washington dot com covers a Redskins every day of the week in and you guys were here for yesterday's. All star survivor celebration Breast Cancer Awareness Month. This Sunday's game is the think pink game over five million ribbons have been distributed. Pink ribbons and hit it in the office at Comcast sports and -- everybody's on board or the. That's absolutely -- it's it's a great cause. And be -- it's especially the the awareness you know the money for research is is good it's important. But I think he's really done a lot in terms of awareness you know you're going hey we're the guys weren't picked for you know and kinda. You know that's kind of their -- -- a bit of that crucial catch I think is what the NFL is -- is a labeling his campaign so she awareness is really. As much as the money that's important. I would be remiss if I didn't ask you about your colleague you're close friend your your coworkers you work with them every single day of the week tar heel this year. Who you were okay it's six games behind Greg Charles. That's correct yeah they want the money and had seven you know one thing I noticed about is the whole thing winning last year is he didn't bring it up that much. All -- well I -- -- that I'll put it up because I want to -- -- the ground until I went. He -- the crowd but it is on shaky at right now and gracious champion. What what he's trying to do is make at all from one week and that's that's you know that's that's what I tried telling -- there -- Play conservative pick up the game or two week and you'll be okay drawing. Up. Can't do it under your magic now exiled and wanted to try and I'm not trying to launch a seven game winning streak in one in one game -- you can't do it again but it won't get on a day at a time bingo the other take your advice often clears and you can see on CSN Washington dot com. Please do -- -- come up let's face. CSN Washington dot com.

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