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Troy Brouwer collides with Derek Stepan



  1. Darrion Scott0:15
  2. Chris Drury0:25
  3. Ryan Callahan0:36
  4. Troy0:16, 0:19, 0:34
  5. Broward0:46
  6. Detroit0:45
Thu, 17 Oct 2013|

Machine Generated Transcript

Csnwashington.com. Right now we're learning street -- Richard. Well I Darrion Scott -- got hit by Troy drawn Rangers -- just furious with Troy Brower right now. Chris Drury just came over to the range of players he was going off the ice it was just a collision. I took the reprises LNB -- There's Troy Brown are not off the -- pick Ryan Callahan not happy with Troy Brower right now. The other Jim Ramsey the medical trainer heading out to the ice at -- Detroit Broward. -- catching a piece of home ahead of Derek -- Troy -- -- Looks like he was following the thought it was just skating and looking where the puck was skating was heading to the -- and caught. Derrick stepped on and -- easy step by heading to the ranger dressing. CSN Washington dot com.

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