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Lundqvist, Rangers shut out Capitals



  1. Troy Brown1:32
  2. John Porter0:05
  3. Raiders fans1:32
  4. Alex Ovechkin0:53
  5. Brad Richards1:21
  6. Derek Stepan1:34
  7. Ryan Callahan1:22
  8. Tom Wilson0:45
  9. Verizon Center0:50
  10. the pats1:07
Wed, 16 Oct 2013|

Machine Generated Transcript

I know all the rivalry between the capitals and the Rangers was well existence long before John Porter relative covered New York in 2009 he sure did make it fun and easy. But it capitals fans to dislike the bleachers. That he did they saw each other in the post season for the past five years reporter -- at the Helm but tonight was their first match up without the thing we hear him. -- -- anybody else nothing. There one question what have success against the cap for rough starts this season thus far. They Helio this being Hendrick had his worst save percentage of his career and is allowing more than four rolled again this season a drastic drop off and I'm a -- And it has thus far. Straight to the bench for Washington leads to great passing toward on the doorstep but he misses. Two newcomers to this rivalry Tom Wilson dropped walked Justin Faulk. A good about younger guys that Verizon Center crowd midway through the second off the faceoff Alex Ovechkin with the wrist support the golf. He Henrik fair for the save and we cannot believe. A few minutes later the capitals catch a break for its life to surpass the defense gets a chance on the break but he stoned by Lundqvist with the pats today. Yeah New York -- filing and get on the board and the second tier foreign sport John -- -- and Lester -- hoping -- that breaks the scoring drought for them. Later on in the second tier recycling down -- York Brad Richards finds Ryan Callahan his streaky. And sports development captain he be afraid -- think that's his third goal of the year. Hope he doesn't like -- -- -- -- -- scary moment your Raiders fans Troy Brown are with the contact with Derek Stepan right over the middle and that does not look good. He leaves with an apparent head injury does not return. Rangers they get their second win of the year thanks to keep Hendrickson first set up this season they would do nothing to caps ball.

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