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Wed, 16 Oct 2013|

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CSN Washington dot com. Game film doesn't lie and what is sure over the on Sunday night -- -- the Cowboys became just the third player in NFL history. That punt returner and a kick return for plus 85 yards. Defensively offensively the reds regret special teams. There's -- -- 1323. Times to see. Embarrassing watching each time it was just. There's not too much to say you were we we need to fix -- going to do tricks that they agree that a deliberate jab step that today. He's a leader and as a captain our special teams and he's that a suggested teams that -- coach is not coming here and I similar overcome. Practiced at the talk it that way we're approaching things. Freaked out is one of those blue guys this franchise. So whatever it takes get on the plane the -- he's understood that playing any part of the team it's vital that all young players get them. -- -- -- come from some where were you might have you do you start off is to be mentally I'm really pleased received because of on -- -- here. And you know I had guys that -- And then -- to show me that you will be not here. You know it's business news it was a privilege to be obviously obviously being a starter on the team first thing's all about just run in. Playing into the ball and have no one desire. In you know systematically you can draw everything you -- -- basic kick the ball up and down tackle. Got told the guys on the way to fix it is it is for us to go make plays when you give up a blocked punt you got to go stop that they're gonna try so that's what we did we didn't give up any block punts as we -- know you opened opened a different. Ken weren't we're gonna go out to stop an always gonna stop before us three -- also said the special chambers who watched game film on Friday. They've done in the past but in the past they've had five or six core guys on that unit. This time around they don't have that and my watching game film the young guys we'll see what's expected of them each. And every play in -- chick Hernandez. CSN Washington. CSN Washington dot com.