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DHall responds to Jay Cutler's comments



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Thu, 17 Oct 2013|

Machine Generated Transcript

CSN Washington dot com the last on the Redskins face the Bears it was say. Coming out party for DeAngelo Hall intercepted Jay Cutler four times. This time you know colors gonna know we're number 23 years ball game one more at Redskins park. -- -- -- Last -- Redskins and Bears played was October 2010. It was DeAngelo -- greatest game picking off Jay Cutler four times in the skins win. Today -- Bears quarterback is obviously -- down because on Thursday he called the hall while. Another player it's not much of a surprise. To that player. We kind of -- more. In the city. You know I don't know which one. Didn't say oh my god skated this -- and I don't know she -- that would be great yes this I think he's not a guy who would you believe that in this part of that. Mean this will be his -- Truth is though Paul has been -- But just another player this year -- -- touchdowns already tied for. Players plus he's coming off his best game shutting down Dez Bryant in Dallas. Now. If you do one time. What can you do it every week. And and that's it it's our guys are trying to thought we did a great job. Homeless and set the standard for yourself and get -- in and -- we just didn't have to still get better overall. Is turnover it's only worth seven. Defense is that a that are -- 2000 Ravens 85 Bears say took pride and -- scoring the other team not home runs -- offense with the defense and so we're trying to get that mentality established here. Especially some of the play makers in government defense in the league definitely -- And to provide put up obviously good situation on a night like he said put points on the board and I know that's what good DBs mentality and you know as well as -- linebackers and everybody else. The skins defense has been getting better all season -- holding two straight opponents in Dallas and Oakland under 300 yards of total offense. If they do that again on Sunday in Chicago. It'll be the first time they've done it three straight games since Mike Shanahan took over. With the Redskins -- -- CSN Washington. CSN Washington dot com.

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