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Seraphin: "We're going to be great, really great."



  1. Michael McPherson1:00
  2. Tulsa0:35
  3. Pistons0:15
  4. Miami0:33
  5. Washington0:02, 1:45
  6. Sudan0:59
  7. season opener0:46
  8. season progresses0:39
  9. lawsuit brought1:01
  10. pre season0:10
Thu, 17 Oct 2013|

Machine Generated Transcript

CSN Washington dot com. -- -- That's only for original gift from me tonight. And hope you're at the halfway point of the pre season right now give me a sense of where you are and where the team is you guys against the Pistons opening night. So do these numbers are good aren't -- don't on the on the government suitable host Obama movie stars. Or what but it's north -- so we just need to get more courses over and no we're going to be groups there's a 22 or doing you know we -- and response. Was this will result dude slow I was always to back home oh on the Miami Dan -- you know we just have to -- Tulsa summoned to bring a number of others who -- going to be great route. As the season progresses -- tell you tell the viewers what's scary you look to improve on. As this as we approach. Our season opener. But on news thing goes on do this -- shoot a number of a marine drill so. -- -- -- I consider ago I was just something linemen on the are supporting a news thing you know a month before Sudan Michael McPherson are there moments this lawsuit brought him home everything on my rebounds. You know on the results. It's it was your conditioning you didn't play for your French national team this summer so how does that help you when you come into camp do you feel like you're a little more fresher. Yeah for sure but also the front -- have been used to I used to -- married that we felt like move really electrodes. With possible was thing you know I'm I could -- or six runs so horses in front both. This 22 record book on the court to do when you do six months ago visuals like we did have a river division. Broke snooze you six tourism. Homers to grow. -- you appreciate the time. Soft as such on the team right there -- pain -- food over there I think certainly appreciate art too quick time out. CSN Washington dot com.

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