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Tarik El-Bashir and Larry Michael pick Week 7 games



  1. Calvin Johnson0:55
  2. Steelers2:47, 2:51
  3. Falcons0:35
  4. Buffalo1:26
  5. Colts2:59
  6. Cowboys4:15
  7. Indianapolis2:56
  8. Panthers0:46
  9. quarterback situation1:34
  10. NFC east1:51
Fri, 18 Oct 2013|

Machine Generated Transcript

CSN Washington dot com. The king tar heel this year okay. Miami I got some advice from different -- just a streak talk -- couple weeks -- the base line but you know in the spirit of the competition. In my heart I could do so. -- -- myself -- pull no punches are not. Now -- other aspects. Ago oh that's also we got the win column. -- Worst thing for Tampa today clearly. With the Falcons while banged up but about what's wrong. Is -- it it was at Carolina the Rams virtually no game now. -- whole -- here in town -- Panthers as well agree. Since Detroit this is one of those pick and gave us that this is a good game on it's we have been you pick from me. Hi Calvin Johnson is nearing 100% on the lines -- lines to. By virtue of the vehicle double -- afford to see which says here. It will take on taxable to the jags are going on sixteen easier -- -- after. Argued that. Houston. This game that is extremely well. I read -- morning case -- is going to be starting times so. Sports. You know give up regardless of you know is the city here to Buffalo. All the home team my adult that that that. Newton depends of cooled off by -- couple binder in Buffalo's quarterback situation yet yeah yeah. Six straight at the Jets in -- and after so. Copy off we are. Going to bat well going to be close game again like -- two previous. But for the top spot in the NFC east to 33. Eagles -- who feel like. -- Now. You know thing. Three and three for persuades him owners. -- -- there so it's like Tennessee. That's Patrick continues to be the quarterback -- tennis. Is getting healthy but. It just. Yeah point is it would numbers cause them to struggle early in the season they figure out what's going on underground games -- -- off lately. Owners of Cleveland note never gotten. That 2223. Years of I'll take it as well as Pittsburgh. Rusher. Is Felix general it's okay. All season long. -- -- here I turn my back on the Steelers last week. And the problem back -- back with the Steelers at home. Pittsburgh to. Work here. At Indianapolis. Game. The Colts -- faster and a couple. -- bond -- back there he's fired. -- quicker ones I know that. -- mean that's OK this is a good strategy for you. That. It's. It's all. -- Giants. At the start this week. What does one lose. At the time world record in rhythm with his receivers that you can't just -- there have been picked operate right away -- you -- -- the Redskins week after -- -- that's. What this game like chicken. It. I'm -- with Washington again -- I don't like the Bears run defense I think it's vulnerable. I like my sophomore RG three on the ground last week I think offer Morse at some point is gonna get twenty carries. And on the well -- gonna have a dad and that's rain he had 240 yards and get better week to -- -- -- -- -- So Charlie we have all Lieber -- game. That's that's right at the end and that game is pick of the Cowboys right yes Ian I'll get not wishing you good luck that I would have to keep this much more secretive because I gentlemen your spies over on -- there -- a lot of confidence is as. But thank you. Are your life. CSN Washington dot com.