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Hall on Cutler: "Feel good about the matchup"



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Sun, 20 Oct 2013|

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CSN Washington dot com. I feel great now I got through this dude in a long time as far as his body -- good -- yet to lose. Number of defense the coaches look worn -- if you got sloppy. -- disciplined -- to be one of four where you're at the same time throughout both yarder for the -- exactly. The football game. You know we have a lot more left new -- and keep -- -- -- yeah. You know to be sitting right newfound have to. It's kind of ma'am. I'm going to have my mom it's because these greens and you know first -- -- a monster ball wouldn't -- next thing you know. Everybody had a ball. I know each game as each game each quarterback -- quarterback but you're going against a guy this week you had one of those days. A defensive guy dreams about especially deviated took off four passes in the game get a touchdown. When you go to a game like gotta -- take comfort is that. In your mind is that -- -- comfort in knowing that there are certain things you see out of him that. I can be successful again against. I think you have to move you feel good about it you know you feel good about -- that's of the seasons. You know we're in the marshland. 41 person game right now truthful. You know which definitely. Feel good about you know obviously. You know knowing that -- about the four picks. You know you can do is press conferences you know are good ball the same way what you know do so. You know not that the -- fell away from the at all on the before you know try to do more ball and fun to play. Know you have something prove this is candidate that these. At 14. So you guys did last year we've all told us you can't live on what we did last year there 14 in your mind. And you -- that you have the pieces of the puzzle. To turn this thing you have to move fast we definitely would go to some issues -- So you know listed of 107 world. This. Creative person and not that I would better addition. But you know got to win games that we gave -- something from those things and some wins together. You know you can win one lose four win before you can do this you know so we have to have a -- -- word here but. You know schedule that you need you know -- getting easier competition again he's here. So you know we got to get better and would no doubt about it defensively that you've been getting turnovers office and got to score points. On special teams that'd be a much much better group so. You know collectively as a whole we got a lot to do better when allowed to work so. Look at things he's just been only you know be -- Buchanan and football and try to get -- CSN Washington dot com.

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