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RGIII on "most emotional" comeback of career



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Sun, 20 Oct 2013|

Machine Generated Transcript

CSN Washington dot com Robert is that that is an emotional. Comeback victory you've had in the NFL it's not your career. Definitely in the NFL. Thomas is the high slow them to play this game so definitely most emotional. Some good great team win. We underwent a -- -- we didn't and as we talked about Obama's team whatever the situation calls for us we're gonna do with him in the huddle for that last drive. Tom very confident you know told the Gaza is gonna have positive plays. Get positive yards and he's flying in and if we don't make up for on the next -- to take one play at a time and when you have those that are now those crucial third down situations. We had guys step up and make plays for us. Robert do you feel like that was your Morse could complete performance more and human you quite as close as you looked to last year's form offseason some doubt calm. You know had a film about this game and on did. Tom. Tough -- Gaza for the game about having a breakthrough. -- we've been through a lot of adversity. The offseason. Beginning of the season must do on the way we wanted to go. And when did that very clear. And I told them and then really wants to make the plays to make it happen and they got to believe and I think the guys believed it they sought and we went out there and took it. The that touchdown pass to Aldridge can. It was like one of those kind kind of looked like last year or couple things just don't push you tell me what you saw on had you not reactive and -- drop into his arms. John is how to -- -- time that situation. Did you talk to how about the play call about a -- -- Went about it the right way but. He called the play I thought I along with mine stinks. And I gave -- a chance to make a platform and I he made in on -- I'm a heck of a football player and on Charles Tillman we got me earlier in the game. So wasn't payback or anything like that I just saw something and then when with a wooden comedy gratefully when a song catch it. You know as it there was a feeling of last year you know he's Montana. A ball down though the law on down the field against Philly. Any catches and over two defenders. You know how catching those filled posts. In the Dallas game in the Philadelphia game there we had that feeling the whole game and Carmona was definitely working and a. Could you talk about how this win helps the momentum going into Denver next week. Todd does you know Denver's going to be a tough opponent you know great team they're playing at a high level Zambrano is back I don't know how you play today that. He's he's always a weapon on the facade of the balling up paying -- -- on offense and how many time -- that in with the emotion a coach going back to Denver. Boone. Is definitely going to be high emotion game and now we got to be ready for any thing but the momentum we have from this win against a quality team and a finalist. Are you you and offered obviously show rookies can do early in their careers last year but. Jordan Reed is he surprising you and off from a guy was seeing him practicing and in May when you're throwing him on the sidelines catching nine balls for 130 for a gorgeous touchdowns -- Now I wasn't that it doesn't surprise me because. And I. Was it was what the coaches in the those. The draft meetings and things like that getting ready for them. You know you see some special on a kid like Cameron when he comes enemy's will and work hard and need to spend my whole offseason with me I'm so I've definitely gotten on well. He's our -- he's got great talent and Monty said after the game as long as he keeps working and he's making plays and a continued it's -- continue to have more faith in them. Possibly definitely made some big plays horse today and he can be a weapon. He's got to make sure we all take it one game at a time one step at a time. CSN Washington dot com.