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Sun, 20 Oct 2013|

Machine Generated Transcript

CSN Washington dot com -- like a lot of teams they got. Better almost more productive when their backup came in. McCown did some things with his feet. On how difficult is it for a defense to kind of switch gears and have a different kind of player come in and how do you figure guys. When did against such a good question is and they had forty some yards in the first half and probably. Overlooked 300 in the second half and 59. And you don't have dinner with a special kind of I. We'll look at that film and figure out but he you know yeah I got to give him credit he made some plays and guys were covered in. Almost certainly get out of our rush lanes and we made some plays a couple of drives -- so that's something we're network. Averaged two. Where my faith -- here. Back upcoming guys to relax a little bit and that's and a bad way but in that human you see not Jay Cutler and you come out. -- so I think everybody you know. I don't wanna CJ hurt obviously friendly at the time that you obviously don't want him back in our in our game. But I don't know if it's that or -- ability to. I know that everybody's covered and make some plays in this league policy do that a few times and policy and not really sure what to call and I think that's what they did today excellent job coming in as a back up and making plays usual prepare. How do you think De'Angelo played as much of against for Marshall to Linden and and that sort of fits in with what how he's on the last few weeks. No I thought the end we'll play well. I try to do a great job. I love the way and himself last week. -- just. There's been a team guy and catching a lot of growth they're just waiting and certain questions and my beloved -- competing and he's a team leader out there and no one of the reasons -- when this things. I've I've seen him play this well before I like we've handled himself both on and off the football field. Brandon Meriweather was -- two more times today for launched himself into a defender. Teams have a pattern of leading this helmet is there anything you can do winning guys been doing something like that so long that. Helped coach him out of that tendency. Yeah you working on the Steelers. You know when you take off. Were you guys you stand now is -- going down. Yeah it's that stuff you know it's one of those things you want people be aggressive but you want to hit or. Paneling from you know mainly from the teams standpoint. Not even talking about the possible injury or the possible fine things that go with that. We eliminate those fifteen yard penalties I don't -- -- -- -- -- -- football player and want to contribute. He's just -- a little bit lower. -- brought -- given his history might be suspended him. I sure hope not because I know it's not contention. Between and it's just the game but two and two and four and 15. I'm going into next week. They just -- country and each game you can't really think about the records and I wanna play your best football on. Play the way our defense did in the first half of 46 yards given up pretty impressive and -- and Molina had 21 round so. I sure as -- capabilities we wanna put a team one dimensional game. I thought we're able to do that early. And all of a sudden when there's some adversity got to find a way to help fight back and if you can winning one of those games like we won the day. Guys -- believe we need a little bit down you're gonna funneling away so I think that was important for us. -- I know it's too early in his got off one but you make your return to Denver next week does does. Does that mean anything yet this pointers it's too -- -- kind of process that your mind even though you've been back there and obviously first game that's daily. Well in the us for you enjoy this for about 24 hours you know enjoy the win them no never got an excellent football team and get a chance to see them Nigel but it's it's big for us because we dug yourself a little. And we found a way -- today and hopefully we knew the next week. CSN Washington dot com.

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