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Shanahan talks special team after win over Bears



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Sun, 20 Oct 2013|

Machine Generated Transcript

CSN Washington dot com. Story pretty much all week with a special teams coverage in special teams. Gave up another touchdown and and the onside kick with it and your problem. -- that's an overall bad areas for. Like you take a look at the implant punt return for touchdown. Humor tall -- because it -- them a lot of bumps or hang in and hide because he's gonna make some place. And that you chose to attend the ability guy like that has to we were very hard our coverage is pretty good except that play. You kick the ball too many times you know these -- breaks and off. And we've we were -- -- all the time relative to an onside kick and they didn't let it be job executing and it at all or guy's shoulder pads and they -- then luckily they were offside but that's how we work on. And you know those things do happen but I thought our special teams played extremely hard. I thought we executed our game plan well it took to -- on one punt return but there's some great effort to. Guys. What they excellent sense of urgency to give you -- chance to do some good things. You talk a little bit about the decision to have Fred Davis inactive today. Yeah we put another guy out for special teams that we felt would give us of this canceling. It's always tough to deactivate somebody especially when you know there you know good football players but. Cintron doesn't help the salon and special teams we felt we go into another special team player all and a guy like Robinson came in and really did a good job for us today. New guys that and we asked to contribute and I thought he did a great job with this being in -- -- and help -- in the special -- here. CSN Washington dot com.

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