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Redskins' run game sets tone for victory over Bears



  1. Devin Hester3:06
  2. Little League1:17
  3. Robert Griffin1:37
  4. FedEx packages3:31
  5. Broncos3:04
  6. Keith burns2:58
  7. punt returns2:50
  8. special teams0:40, 2:43, 2:47
  9. franchise history1:00
Sun, 20 Oct 2013|

Machine Generated Transcript

CSN Washington dot com. Rob -- what a game that was so much offense put up deep and have bright moment at that moment when it does -- collapse and think that they were. Gonna give this game away locker must be feeling pretty good timely hitting that home victory the college. All they feel good about themselves it was an absolute must win game and they got the W it was a -- game to watch it was fun to watch it certainly seemed all throughout that second half. That is me the last team that had the ball to win the game for second there. A ball that might be true because the Bears look like they might have another drive in them there at the end. It wasn't always pretty good defense gave up 41 points another special teams touchdown allowed. That wasn't pretty but the skins got it done. Tell me a great team win. How and -- shootout and we did and as we talked about Obama's team whatever the situation calls for us we got to do. Washington needed every single one of the 400 and nine yards of offense. First time in franchise history down the Redskins put together back to back games with 200 plus yards rushing and 200 plus yards passing. The 209 on the ground set the tone. It. From the a lot of momentum from an analyst -- running game that we do you have we -- we had a Little League last year -- -- not. I mean that's what we can do and should be doing all year and he's over at the rest of -- -- You know you don't know who's coming and knows how do. Offer him enough to middle you know -- Robbery unit Enron is just lose ten in banking. Guessing you'd be fans and we just kept mum about. Still Robert Griffin the third third career fourth quarter comeback would not have been possible if not for Jordan reads coming out point. Nine catches a 134. Yards and a touchdown for the most receiving yards for skins rookie tight end in team history. I'm just trying to get open best I can't. He's seen me out there yeah he's in his own person passes you -- it was -- and I just make plays well. US he's a he's if -- he's going to be a star in this league for a long. I'm news. Best to get me but. -- CC season will be memorable on this -- Fifth pitch of the game may even today. I mean I wanna miss receiving in a scene in person so you know eat the he's only better from being just that have that as a teammate knowing that. In uses her resume as this was pretty amazing. -- said after the game that he takes great pride in his route running he runs great routes he's got great hands it's hard to believe that that that was a core. Cornerback when he first got the Florida but he is certainly a special weapon developing now as a tight -- for the Redskins and go back to special teams. That's now three straight games special teams has given up a touchdown. Back to back weeks on punt returns the skins haven't allowed that to happen since November of 1952. So once again this week Keith burns is very much going to be talked about the special teams coach we'll see how they address that next week -- make up against the Broncos -- Yet Devin Hester was not easy to stop left the bit about Brandon meriwether he had two hits in this game. Birds are hard to targeting penalties. I they weren't hard hits and you'd think that this is a guy that has -- is over and over his career he just got my begin recently. I'll what was his reaction that you think that those penalties were fair. Well it's funny because -- -- walking off the field in the hallway leading into the locker here's kind of joking with -- guys saying we need a collection plate. He knows this FedEx packages we're gonna be in his locker this week he's gonna get fun for them. And potentially. Could be suspended because this is a repeat offender time and time again. After the game in the locker room. He said look I've certainly changed the way I tackle if you look back five years ago to play tackle now I've changed the game and doing it. Everything the NFL is asked me do. Now it's on the league I have a feeling though that once he watches the video and -- that it. He's gonna see that certainly he led -- had a both those not late one in the end zone really could cost the team because that was not only targeting. It could have been called for a late hit so Brandon -- was gonna have to figure this out before he cost the Redskins potential went. CSN Washington dot com.

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