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Brandon Meriweather defends the way he hits


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Sun, 20 Oct 2013|

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CSN Washington dot com. Watched my first five years compare -- -- that we have played the last 34 games. Everybody in the lead with two you are have changed where he. You know I mean. I'm not I'm not necessarily lines and myself and tell people I'm I'm actually swim a mile. You know I'm from China. You know attack in a way that you know are they close to. Yeah it's that stuff -- one of those things you want people be aggressive but you want him or. -- from you know mainly from the teams standpoint. Funny in talking about the possible injury or the possible fine things that go with that. We eliminate those fifteen yard penalties I don't -- and work on Argentinian football player wants to contribute. He's just got a little bit lower. CSN Washington dot com.

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