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Keith Burns: 'You're always going to have some breakdowns'


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Tue, 22 Oct 2013|

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CSN Washington dot com. Talk about DN last two weeks obviously had some issues there it would DC -- some better days coming for the unity to think yesterday was a step in the right direction. Acting so mean anytime you know you're dealing with special teams and you had to dealing with the whole team and you have some young guys out here. You know you always gonna have you know some. Some breakdowns at some point time but it did really you know is all about guys just didn't get him being a one page at one time -- The difference between special teams you don't get the first and second -- third and a fourth generally get went down we have to be good at that one. Do you think the guys so I. Are making strides there obviously it's hard as you say simulate it when you get one shot at a you know one down in in that series is it how hard is it to get this unit to play as one. Thomas very -- that is always a work in progress coming we started it you know back. And OTA days -- didn't you always trying to integrate some new guys that we brought on the teams at the same time got to get them up to the and just basically try to get everybody on the same page and I think. You know less yesterday it was a step in the right direction that we play a perfect game -- was still a search for just that. As atrocious as it -- -- harder and longer than you expected her. I'm know I'm coming at and have any expectations on transition I mean I was newcomer and any of and the guys who are here you know they were years so I mean I came in my plan and I'm still sticking to my plan in. We just see where it goes from there but at same time you know we got everybody is working hard and trying to do the best they can do on every given special teams play. No I have not speak you know punt returns for touchdowns -- back to back weeks what do you see that. -- what did you see that should improve. From my decision not as small breakdowns I mean this this this system play here play there you know exists you know whether the you know anytime you're playing against you know. Returner such as the one we played against yesterday you know he's always dangerous regardless of win in wage is the ball land so. You know you try to keep the ball out of his hands a certain time sometimes you know you'll be forced to put the ball in his -- And those -- one of those times so it just ended up you know. In this way 81 yard touchdown but at same time I think it was for the lack of effort that the guys gave. You know it's just got to be a position to do to get him on the ground at the same time I still think you guys were working on he's got to continue to do that. CSN Washington dot com.