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Tue, 22 Oct 2013|

Machine Generated Transcript

CSN Washington dot com. -- OK. But. -- Well I mean is Bernard virus since I was like four. I've been not coming in bringing my three sons for the barber shop now for 25 years. Build a barber is not just a barber and he's a marathon runner build his completed a 102 marathons to date. Including at least one in all fifty states. Yeah he's -- he's a great example of what you can do you just. Stick got a long enough for them and try to do and his wife Karrie traveled to marathons all over the country. From Hawaii to New York -- has conquered them all including seventeen greens form bonds. So it was fitting that race director -- -- list presented bill with one very special metal. -- game. Greek. Did he's connection with our sport goes back to the battle marathon and history and in 2500. -- 2010 and we celebrated the 2500. Anniversary of that battle. -- marathon. And -- big green and I. Basically and it created a special medal. Dead go to the international marathon is about five inside the United States. And the record marathon is one of those races that associated. With the international marathon group. That I was able to obtain a couple of these medals this really. Is dedicated to our sport and that and the long history of the heat of the battle marathon and I thought he -- Thinking of coming out here. That I feel. -- I'm wasn't wrong it says you know one as a marathon running you had your marathon medals but maybe this medal. Ties it all together. You know that's not only field. Who is his ancestors. Our sport. But maybe gives them it just a little. A little piece of home. I'll treasure this business it's fair setup very very much forward. Great -- voted for me. They're -- players deserve. I thought not a known Paul Miles plus and thankful. He is exactly the reason the -- for marathon I think exists I mean you know. It's not for the elite runners who never had the prize money it's always been about one of our era three -- and our. Mission statement is to -- okay. Promote health and fitness which he does. To be involved in the community which he does. And two lead a healthy lifestyle he does he hits all three -- -- -- he is real really an ambassador of the great for America. I'm Hillary Muslims in this fashion at home I felt like home home from the -- -- and it's followed by it's it was my decision or clubs like him says song. How love to move along does that again. CSN Washington dot com.

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