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Shanahan on head to head hits: "It's tough in the heat of battle."



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Wed, 23 Oct 2013|

Machine Generated Transcript

CSN Washington dot com. Lists of their case was a couple of Kennedy back in 2002. -- play in Miami on Sunday night game and he had already been fine twice. He had hit on chambers. What I thought at that time -- look at the film there's a lot of differences of opinion. And right before can only hit chambers he was pushing them back which you obviously made him go home to home at least that was my view. And we need get a chance to really go through appeal process Hughes who is. He was out the next week in. So you really don't know and you got to -- and you go through appeal process I think what people are trying to do at least from a coaching standpoint. You cannot have fifteen yard penalties that -- game. It's not even talking about the way you teach you can't handles things -- you can have -- potentially appear close. All these officials. In and make a mistake they want to protect. You know the players themselves anywhere close to be in his helmet to helmet territory fifteen yard line that's what -- being told to do so. You can you get a were wrong and head. Yet to answer your football team so we're constantly emphasize it but it's tough in the heat -- -- -- these guys. You know you're very competitive do you like after. And then all of a sudden I got my doctor the last second. Mostly a helmet to helmet and we look at him ten so I think it's very tough situation. CSN Washington dot com it.

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