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DeAngelo Hall talks about family, success this year



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Wed, 23 Oct 2013|

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CSN Washington dot com. Michael joined Bob won always at the Angelo hall of Hokies hear. I watched about four. Good good good -- -- letting it awhile I'm a few months I didn't want to kick off of the picture we showed yesterday on the show. Assault on his program a shot of you given your daughter and good -- isn't -- what a bigger picture but you gotta love. Oh you got to got to hit the key is now for the game and they getting me on the field -- against them -- never really done before and it was fun it was my she loves her pink so she saw me -- think she's is she just lit up. They knew the relatives coming to all the games and you walk over to the sideline is your mom to get a kiss you every game your mom on my case improve before every game so. You know to have my you know my adored them away there. It was is you know it was fun it was -- if you wanted. When you lead the -- if you would win so you know definitely a good. -- you almost got to pick you broke on that one ball -- through I thought you that. I -- -- -- true so until Raheem when I got to the silent it might have been the first time actually called guys. Weigh in on the kind of battle in the hand injury so I was kind of you know grimacing in pain you know run and get a break on what it. Authority must confess. I closed my that was so I never saw the ball. You you have been shut -- corner this year a lot of people thought you couldn't do it would have been some of the keys for you this year as you've had tremendous success so far this year yeah. You know I approaches offseason -- in the with the intent to try to take on everybody that was lined up across from. You know spend a lot of time downstairs and I -- and staff and you know put a lot of conditioning and how. More solo -- up but I don't a lot of conditioning makes a thousand you know the best fit in my life. I even left here's some days and in a -- would do -- green into -- a lot of two days and him work no you know footwork drills and more conditioned more speed works though. You know I just was you guys -- an opportunity you know this season show what I can do you know I had a chance to kind of that's that's a free agent. Marketing you know really didn't get this so it was that I wanted to -- so you know just wanted you know come back have a strong season put some good stuff out there for people -- You know kind of see old black and come back to Washington. CSN Washington dot com.

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