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Rich Tandler on keys to success for Redskins against Broncos



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Wed, 23 Oct 2013|

Machine Generated Transcript

CSN Washington dot com. From rich Taylor from CSN Washington dot com just a great job covering the Redskins every day of the week is that all the press conferences. In fact he lives close by redskin park. So he can be here at a moment's notice. Yeah I'd argue a lot of earlier today. Let's put Chicago behind us Bryant Redskins not a lot of people expect them to win in Denver because statement it's got all these records. What's the mood of a lot. Yeah I think I think did they know they get they have a tall task in front of them but they're certainly not intimidated. Or or anything like that I think down. I I think the fact what helped them a lot talking to -- young. You know the fact that they did score 44 points foresee recorded five points against the against the Bears. On Sunday help like is that the kind of game they're gonna have to have in Chicago in that game or five touchdowns. Ensuing possession Redskins. Yeah that every single -- that's what they're gonna need to do in Denver they can't have any wasted possessions. And there's got to go out and I think this game that they just played a lot of confidence. I think this kids are gonna do it I'll tell you about it later this year on Friday but from a special teams standpoint. We heard from -- just today to me risk -- have to be clean special to -- is also that is a must. And that's not easy against -- holiday you know kind of holidays is probably better right now. Then Devin Hester is certainly better than blame harris'. So you know they're really gonna have to be have me on top of it. He showed though that he'll call the ball up the did the Colts got a way from on 11 very big place at the touchdown form. So you know that the that's the way -- -- they really got a really got to play clean game. Know -- you know what don't be so proud to got a kick start thing out of bounds kicking them out. Are finally for rich Taylor you don't pay good Bateman is off to a great start Redskins. Have some question marks safety position as we tape this -- status Brandon meriwether status. Jordan -- comes back. This a big week for Jim Haslett. Yet is he's an you know it's not gonna do well you know I get asked on Twitter world who's going to take -- -- -- answer is multiple players you don't win. When Maryland was out last year with the with the knee problems. It was Reed Doughty for one there was also Jordan Pugh right there's also DJ gone so I think you know you might get Rambo back in the mix there percent. But you know what what has talked about was. In that situation situationally. Matching up and down distance when you think the play's going to be trying to get the best -- that's was gonna have to do on Sunday. CSN Washington dot com.