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  2. IRELAND3:41
  3. Oakland3:16, 3:36
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Wed, 23 Oct 2013|

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CSN Washington dot com. Or you lose junior. -- after the game only thank you for the simple interview that wasn't. A simple post it for you your mobbed by the media had a great game and now that it's sunk in a little bit. He got -- to get something done -- the plan by ocean out on those. Roy how to -- yet in the Arizona New Orleans -- you didn't even get it and they got the goal line so opportunity here to credits of the blockers. Here had a great blog outfielders and I -- in -- -- -- tour across the -- on us because he was blocked in as Tillman has won their cornerbacks. Our our tight ends specifically Logan Paulsen had a great game -- and you can see is effort on some plays on the field where. Roberts out of bounds and he throws a cut of fifteen yards downfield and and gets it and the defender down even though he doesn't need to have put. A lot of guys that played their tails off and it showed in this is a six Russian ones. Lot of folks wondered how this personnel with the football team would evolve this year each year is different. -- from the offensive standpoint we know what this team's personality is would you agree. -- Russell while -- the had to hack at it for you know it as a guy with Al offered it you know do you guys discuss. How you're gonna be used in the game is comes up in the meetings do you kind of know what the plan is for each of you going into a game. Not specifically not not so find Zito for instance like when I went into the game as we've got to know. Thousand be in Arizona as often as I was. For needed some rest and we were in some -- no huddle offense those as Bledsoe felt like that. How is married life treating it right -- it's amazing. Beautiful wife she's great was my good every day. And does she is. The best form and -- now. -- -- -- sushi picture up at work if you and how old were really tight we were friends before we got married real close friends and I think. And that's benefited us as we've gone through the first year marriage and we do share the same car so. That grows us closer I so I -- -- -- patient sometimes what that is long gone our way. You know -- remember back. Your first day at Redskins park I might have been the first guy you -- I think I opened the front door I don't know give very -- stay here. How has life changed for you as -- of the -- player over the last few years you're very humble guy very spiritual guy but that things change and and how that changed for you. Alone. Professional wise. -- lot more satisfying and get -- Morris -- satisfaction when you get wins -- -- professional level because. You put so much work in during the week to go into the game down and college you. I was so usage are showing up to practice for the most part. I you know other than he did and married. There's also there's a lot of adversity these past three years we're only going to her room surgery and -- season last year than having a good rookie year and then. Be enough part of the team a serious suspend. Like this. It just really thankful. -- -- nominee but Oakland. Two final questions for -- and Alou junior number one it take off. You -- people we've seen it happen a couple times is that a process that. You actually thinking about it is it just the natural instinct when you Cecil and fly in that -- Back in here you're one of the touchdown against Seattle great hurdle in Oakland. Great hurdle. Where you hurdler. No wasn't a NORTHERN IRELAND and Robert was but yeah Robert Robert was exact opposite Robert I don't. I I wouldn't be good in her -- and it's just so happens that defenders. You know in the open field I just chances and they go low and I know Ireland. It's not thinking that it is a split second thing here is just an automatic reaction for you yeah and it's it's pretty automatic thing cause it is a few times so just kind of became a habit. Our number two question for our Alou before we send them off to practice in their hair Rodney. Yeah you're there you gonna get a commercial and Polamalu is that the head and shoulders commercials they're -- got the long flowing locks. What do you think. That's that's not the purpose of their. On makes that. That I say that but and then you know someone comes along. I just lost it on the prettiest. One user and I'm not a -- user of I know that they're pretty affordable and wanna be marketed to you know. We'll call every yet to meet you can afford head and shoulders -- Number -- you know. Eleven drawn referred. Almost a year coming on November. Are there and I think if he gets -- -- -- three times in Denver -- in good shape good -- let's resolution if things don't get it. CSN Washington dot com.

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