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Broncos present huge challenge to Redskins' defense



  1. Stephen Bowen0:08
  2. Reed Doughty0:22
  3. Wes Welker1:28
  4. Redondo0:16
  5. Broncos1:14
  6. Dolphins1:46, 2:04
  7. Jordan0:19
  8. Washington0:02, 2:16
Wed, 23 Oct 2013|

Machine Generated Transcript

CSN Washington dot com. The Redskins defense is that death comes for defensive end Stephen Bowen trying to work through a torn PCL in his right knee. Two years ago he played the same injury in his left in the secondary as Redondo is depleted. So much so they re signed safety Jordan you whom they cut just last week. Reed Doughty is going to concussion protocol which week it's questionable at this point and it gets no easier because they. The guy that's always. You can tell -- how -- expletive. And things like that I mean he's a guy. In his heart. A lot of different looks. Them as they were to take me then you have the play live within this team. Can't try to play out of this team to try to make the -- because it's really nice love Peyton and that offense present what he has more headaches. Something I don't believe so yeah you know they've they've got a lot of weapons -- -- make the right calls and make the right -- we get them into the right play every time. And he got played the best in the Broncos hold the number one offense in the league good. They're averaging twelve points more than anybody else in the NFL. Not just quarterback you know you're not thought about we have pool and doing it and some mullah Wes Welker. He'd come back to doing it -- effect did it make great plays so it's. It's not like there's nobody. This before. -- score points more morning greens they've more than. Video team it's. Probably one of the most with the Dolphins. -- -- -- Over the -- to try to do. Great situations. Perhaps the best defense of the Redskins. Is that Redskins Dolphins if they can -- the time of possession battle between Peyton off the field. Barrett's departure Fernandez. CSN Washington dot com.

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