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Navy Yard workers form MCM team to honor victims, raise money



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Wed, 23 Oct 2013|

Machine Generated Transcript

CSN Washington dot com as we continue our countdown to Sunday's Marine Corps marathon. We have the story of a group of coworkers were in the wake of tragedy for coming together to help in the only way they know how. Yet yes it's true what they say tragedy. Reveals character -- sorts -- has more. It's just. To -- day in the offense. The biggest thing -- about September 16 was just start out this is a normal day. It has been first thing in the morning and get in about 7:30 am sitting there checking emails morning. And then the second later Anderson he says the play as hard shots and -- her some shots fired shots and fired or gunshots fired. That's good -- very very surreal -- -- first to resist the the mental thought was you know that's got to be a mistake. And very quickly just became real. From there everyone was either trying to. Either call their friends working one and seven find out what was going on it probably didn't set in until a couple hours after the actual shootings took place at least. For us. At the end of the day on September 16. Twelve navy yard employees had lost their lives and eleven others were injured. Many employees felt helpless after the shootings including lieutenant Alexandra Bailey. I honestly do something and you that a bunch of fundraisers and go on but I want to have a more active. We're all I guess that sort of thing that money would be going part to cause so she decided to get a group together to run the Marine Corps marathon. We all work together. And when I heard about you know and -- your preferred team media and you know just jumping at the opportunity yet to sign up. The group is raising money for taps and tragedy assistance program for survivors. And a 100% of the funds raised by team Washington navy yard. We'll go directly to the victims' families. The team formed just 33 days before the marathon so they've been using a condensed training program. My efforts. It's been kind of felt pay an error on every day that -- -- guys play at mile. It's a challenge like you clearly I don't have a runner's build. But at the same time was a challenger really enjoyed it's. The long I just got a twenty mile run in on Sunday. Which my wife thought I was crazy did you turn embryo what you're doing this for me and just push yourself harder. We don't way you don't give. As get more more -- -- And you feel that pain you have your eyes you know what you're doing. You're part of the Nazis family and his -- really works on the navy yard. A lot of us. You know we don't working when nine senator Dave were in and out there on a regular basis with coworkers. Come with whom we interact regularly and 1972. It's important to contribute. -- don't do it if your name out there you do it really just to help those folks. If you wish to make a donation to team Washington navy yard the website is at the bottom your screen and again. 100%. Of the funds raised will go to the victim's fame -- he had great story great cause great event the Marine Corps marathon. Is Sunday. CSN Washington dot com.

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