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Hall comes to Meriweather's defense



  1. Chicago Bears0:21
  2. Washington Redskins0:14
  3. Brendan Morrison0:35
  4. World Series1:09, 1:15, 1:27
  5. Cincinnati Reds1:23
  6. New York Yankees1:23
  7. Brandon Meriweather0:15
  8. Geico0:12
  9. Comcast1:38
  10. Red Sox1:11
Thu, 24 Oct 2013|

Machine Generated Transcript

CSN Washington dot com. This is a guy -- sports net central update. Everybody in the water here with your Geico sports net central update Washington Redskins Brandon Meriweather receiving some good news on Wednesday. As this two game suspension was reduced to one. Most several Chicago Bears have had some choice words for Meriweather but his teammates have come to his defense. It ended today you know nobody that is China China you know purposely hurt. Heard somebody else you know Brendan Morrison and and and and Brandon there was a rookie again you know they got a relationship beyond football so. You know you know I'm pretty sure you know B -- if you had to think about what he said he probably wouldn't see it that way in. You know Martellus I don't know him personally but you know he had a chance to say whatever you want to go in the game after the game and you know to keep. You know from the -- so you know respectful guy who wants to. Take -- -- at the defense won its acceptance. Write this so. You know respectful that I hit. All right the fall classic is underway and game one of the World Series goal used the Red Sox. The win was Boston's ninth straight in the world in World Series play a streak that started back in 2004. And is only behind three separate streaks. But the New York Yankees the Cincinnati Reds are also currently have a nine game World Series win streak. That started all the way back in 1975. Game two of Thursday Michael Watkins. Vs John. I'll go from here in the Comcast sports the studio the blue holder. For CSN Washington dot com. CSN Washington dot com.

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