Al Horford


We know the Eastern Conference All-Star starters, including Washington Wizards guard John Wall. By Thursday night we'll know the reserves as well. One man's take who gets those reserve slots.


The Wizards are 29-14 heading into a four-game road trip, their most crucial stretch before heading into the All-Star break that begins after they play Feb. 11.


The first time these teams met, the Wizards did themselves in with turnovers in a loss to the Atlanta Hawks.


The shots weren't going down for Bradley Beal earlier in the week, when he went 0-for-5 in the first half vs. the depleted New York Knicks.


Taking a look at the boxscore alone, the Wizards were better than the Atlanta Hawks in field-goal accuracy and rebounding but didn't have Nene in that game at Verizon Center on Nov. 25.