Dallas Mavericks


Back-to-back games against the Wizards this month revealed plenty about the Boston Celtics point guard situation, one that's now much clearer following Thursday's trade of Rajon Rondo to the Dalla


Bradley Beal hadn't broken the 20-point barrier in more than a week.


The Wizards are 12-5 heading into Friday's matchup with the Denver Nuggets where they can end this four-game home-stand with a perfect record.


Despite a season-high 20 turnovers, the Wizards still had a chance to pull out a victory in Tuesday's 106-102 loss to the Atlanta Hawks, dropping them to 9-4.


Closing games is a strength of the Wizards (9-3), and if they can ever figure out how to get off to more efficient starts they'll have most of the pieces of the puzzle together to make a strong ca