Damian Lillard


Deferring is in the DNA of every true point guard. This year, when it comes to whether or not he's among the NBA's best, John Wall takes it in another direction.


"You so called experts, how the hell are you going to pick an MVP before the season starts. You don't know who's going to have a great year, who's going to have an off year." 


Note to his John Wall's 1.2 million-plus followers on Twitter: He pays attention to his "mentions." He admitted as much when he explained how he knew, or cared so much, about why he's annoyed at b


Glen Rice is the MVP of the Las Vegas summer league which was quite an accomplishment. But like statistics from the D-League, it doesn't forecast anything about a player's NBA future. 


USA Basketball might not wait much longer before making final cuts for the men's basketball team.